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Sad about finishing breastfeeding Lock Rss

I'm going to stop breastfeeding my boy over the next few days because he's almost 12 months (and he's not really interested in it anymore). I'm just feeling quite sad about it because we're not going to have any more children, so these are the last few days that I will ever breasfeed a baby. I've really enjoyed breastfeeding. Most of my friends have been glad when they stopped breastfeeding because they had their bodies back to themselves, etc....but I don't feel this way.
Has anyone else felt really sad when they finished breastfeeding their bubbas?
Hi Michelle

I'm still breastfeeding my 10 1/2 month old son, but I can sort of understand how you feel. I really enjoy it too and I'm sure I'll be sad when that day comes for us. We're going to start trying to conceive again soon, I plan to keep bf, however I am aware that some babies wean themselves when their mother falls pregnant. If he doesn't I will gradually wean him before the next baby is born, but in a way I'm not really looking forward to it as it's such a special bonding time. They just grow up so fast don't they?

Take care smile
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Hi Michelle
We are still just hanging on at 13mths. We have a really good feed in the morning (first thing) which has always been my fave time as i go back to bed with Jack (usually wakes between 5-6am) And a half hearted attempt in the evening. Like your bub, mine is showing less & less interest!!! He stopped all daytime feeds himself and i think i'll be a little depressed when he decides to give up on the morning feed. But i guess Tonipie is right! sad

mum of 1

Hi everyone,

I am not going to go into my own problems.....but i know that the moment the formular passes their lips its over for me!

So yes i know the feeling of not wanting to let go...

May i say, i went 4 months with No1, and 6 with No2, so not that bad.


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Everyone,

I ad to stop breastfeeding my little man when he was about 9.5 months old, as he had teeth and was biting me so hard that my nipple would hurt so much I couldn't let him feed. I was so sad when I made the decision to stop, but it was getting to the point that I was crying after he bit me and I wasn't enjoying the special time. I discussed it with my doctor first and after weening him over a week onto the bottle, I cried every feed for a few days, as it wasn't me feeding him, but after that I realsied that it could now also be a special time for dad as well as me.

Nikki, WA, 2nd bub on the way.

Hi Michelle

Although I still have a few months to go until I stop breastfeeding, I totally understand how you feel.
My whole life I was never even interested in the idea of breastfeeding, but I changed my mind and my little 5mth has never tasted anything else. I am dreading the day that comes when I'm not feeding. It's losing that special connection that no-one else has been able to share with him. In a weird way it's like your not really needed anymore, although that's by no means true.


baby boy, 12/03

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful mums...
thanks for your lovely responses!!
Luke's first birthday is next Sunday, so I've decided to keep b/feeding him till then. He's only been having a morning b/feed for the past few weeks, but each morning he seems less and less interested. He'll drink for 30 seconds to a minute and that's it. I miss the days when he used to really lay back, relax and have a good old guzzle (and he used to go back to sleep after that early morning feed....which he doesn't do anymore...bummer!!)
Anyway, as Toni said there are lots of positives to look forward to now that he's moving into toddlerhood (such as walking which he's just started doing in the past few days).
Hi Michelle,
Some good things about Luke gradually weaning himself is that you won't have really full uncomfortable boobs, as its been gradual not cold turkey your bodies had a chance to adjust over time.
The next good thing is that you can finally wear a real bra again. No more clips, your boobs up at your chest again, more support, prettier bras and the list goes on.
I'm not looking forward to the day I stop feeding Liam, because its the one thing that no-one else can do for him and I love it when he watches me and plays with my top when he's feeding. I won't miss the cold hands first thing in the morning though, as he likes a bit of a grope, if you get my drift.
But as Toni said there's so many more things for them to discover and do. Its so exciting thinking about it.

member since 2004

I feel the same, I've had to stop breastfeeding my youngest and last at 3.5 months - she started refusing the breast on an increasingly regular basis, so I had to give her bottles of expressed milk. It didn't take her long to decide that she was happier with bottles and refusing breast feeds totally. Now my milk has dried up. My husband doesn't understand why I am so sad about it, especially given that our girl is so much happier and more settled. I really enjoyed the closeness and bonding of breastfeeding. You are definitely not alone in feeling sad when it comes to an end.

mum to 2 girls

Hi all, I am going through breastfeeding withdrawl at the moment! Ezrah is 10 months next week and as he has recently started daycare, I have started giving him a bottle feed during the day. THis is mainly because I've never had any luck expressing. It seems though that he has really enjoyed the bottle and over the last few days he only wants the boob in the morning and then wants the bottle after that. I ache to feed him and I can't help thinking that once it's gone it's gone. I am sad to finish but I spose now we move onto the next stage where he needs me in so many other ways!
Well my little boy turned one on Sunday and the breastfeeding is all over!!! It didn't quite happen the way I'd planned either. When I wrote my last post (on Sunday the 9th), I was planning on b/feeding Luke for one more week and I was going to appreciate and make the most of every last minute.
Anyway, the following morning when I was feeding him the little bugger bit me really really hard...(he'd never done that before), so I ripped him off the boob and said "That's it mate"......and that was our last b/feed!!!!
He couldn't care less; I don't think he misses it or even realises. I'm feeling a bit sad but I was expecting to feel more upset than I do. The thing that makes me feel sad I suppose is that we aren't having any more children, so I'll never get to breastfeed a baby ever again (and I really loved breastfeeding).
And I did get to drink several glasses of wine at Luke's birthday party...which I haven't done for a long, long time (and boy does it go straight to your head when you haven't consumed alcohol in a long time!!)
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