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finding the right formula Lock Rss

i have a 4.5 month old baby girl who has been bottle fed from the beginning. I started her on s26 gold but found that it constipated her. I then went to the normal s26 and found she kept bringing it up the same with nan alpha pro gold and heinz starter.I took her to the paediatrician and she was diagnosed with reflux . She is now havinh zantac 3 times a day and is on s 26 ar , though i still find she is throwing up 2.5 hours after a feed , which is usually during her sleep . I have been told that the karicare is meant to be good , has anyone got any other ideas?
We used the Karicare AR for reflux but found it to thick for DD so we went back to normal Karicare Gold and just used the thickener which we found alot better and can be used with any formula. We transitioned to Heinz follow up at 6months and found this much better for her reflux and she liked the taste alot better.

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

Hi, my little fella had to be put onto zantac as well. He was having it only twice a day. How long has she been on it for? I found he was still throwing up, but not as much and it started to settle down after about 2 weeks. He was much happier and we took him off it after 5 weeks and put him on s26Ar, he still sicks up quite often but is not in any pain and is gaining weight so i try not to worry about it to much. I have also noticed since starting solids things have been better.
Hope things work out for you, it is hard work!

pam,nsw, 13 months and 4 yo

Hi, my baby is 20 weeks. He has reflux.

I am using the Karicare thickened formula.
I tried the S26 AR, but didn't find that as effective.

My baby still throws up after every feed, but compared to breast milk and normal formula it is much much less.

I don't think there is anything that will stop the baby's thowning up completely when they have really bad reflux.

My baby can still throw up 5 minutes before his next feed is due.

I try and feed less but more frequently(150ml's instead of the recommended 200ml's every 3 hrs instead of 4)

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

Hi, i had the same problem recently with my little boy, who is only 6wks. The S26 formula is too strong for him, he was passing pebble like green poo - straining and crying in pain for 3-5 minutes.... until passed. He was waking nearly every half hour for relief. He was also bringing up the S26 formula upto 2 hours from consumed.

I have switched to Karicare Goats Milk Formula and am using 'Brauer' natural medicine, Colic Refief .... the colic relief worked within 2 hours and gave him 2 hours of solid sleep... The Karicare Goats Milk formula is easier to digest and gentler on the tummy .... it is more natural, great for skin problems too.

I also give him cooled boiled water, inbetween feeds, probably every 2 - 3 feeds, it helps when he has tummy aches.

1 teaspoon of prune juice per 30mls, helps with constipation, say every 2 - 3 feeds.

Good luck!

Nicole & Sebastian, TASSIE

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