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how often does your bf baby feed?? Lock Rss

my ds2 is 7weeks old and is feeding every 1.5hours during the day which is really immpossible to get anything done let alone spend anytime with my ds1 whos 17months.
just wondering how often does your 7ish week old breast feed? and how would oi go about spreading it out a little.??

also when do they stop cluster feeding.??
Those first 8 weeks are essentially one giant growth spurt to get your supply established. He was 'demand fed' and I didn't watch the clock too much, but it could be anywhere between 1-3 hours between feeds at that age. He cluster fed until about 10 weeks.

There's nothing you can really do to spread it out a bit..unless you only feed him at certain times, and that usually involves crying. I found it a lot harder to get DS2 to feed if he was really hungry, so making him wait wasn't really something I was looking to do. I know it's a pain when it feels like all you're doing is feeding the baby..but it won't last forever.

Sometimes DS feeds hourly sometimes he'll go 4 hours. I don't watch the clock and just feed when he's hungry. He still cluster feeds in the evening and will feed from around 6ish to about 8pm before he goes down for the night. I wear him in a wrap carrier most of the day so I can get stuff done and spend time with my 2 year old. smile's me..Blee wink

thanks. im demand feeding aswell. just finding it abit hard with a toddler whos missing me n has started doing things he didnt before to get attention like going behind the tv, pulling everything off the bookself n out of the changing table.
hes started hitting and pulling on my clothes whenever i feed. n i think its cause hes missing getting all my attention.
ive started putting house hold chores on hold so i can spend time with him
Naw, its hard for the little ones, maybe get your little one to sit next to you when you feed and watch something on tv or "help" pat baby or something. Usually around 6 weeks bub has a growth spurt and will feed more to increase your supply, so that could be it. My bub was the same in the early days, he was always hanging off my boob, I started pumping enough for one little feed a day so that I could spend time with my other kids (bit older than yours) to do homework or read a book, even just to get dinner on!
i tried sitting him next to me and reading and having a couple of special toys that he only gets when im feeding but i cant have him sitting next to me anymore as he gets over it n starts pulling my clothes really roughly with all his weight. n hitting me n grabbing my glases or hitting bubs.
he does try to help with winding is alil rough sometimes but knows that thats what i do to get wind up.
it is hard
but good to know it will get easier.. i never fed ds1 for this long so dont know how bf works
Me wee girl is 10weeks and still feeding every few hours, I like to do a few of the feeds lying on my other daughters (miss 3yrs) bed so she can be playing in her room and we're kind of joining in, she loves it and asks if we can go play in her room when baby is hungry, works a treat tongue
i've breast fed 3 to 15- 18 mths, now 12,9,6yrs old, due no.4 in 8wks and plan to breastfeed same way again very normal feed time u experiencing big growth spurts the longer you keep baby at breast for feed better for milk supply catching up with growth older babes always had special activity to do of there choice but we only did this when feeding. one child used to get annoyed when not feeding baby brother!! your housework can wait handy time to call in helpers,friends,family. enjoy the use of sling or very useful big sarong i used to vacuum, wash,cook dinner with bub on front and feed as i went during these growth spurtsor busy times. i missed this time as harder when bub heavier and older. most important to remember to look after urself during short gaps in feedby eating drinking not just catching house hold chores. good luck
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