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gone off the bottle? Lock Rss

hi, my DS has sort of gone off his bottle. usually he has 3 meals per day and 4-5 bottles (200mL). for the last 2 days, he's only taking roughly 100mL of each bottle and isnt interested in his meals. it doesnt bother me that he's not eating his solids (because hes so young anyway) but im a little worried that he seems to have gone offf his milk. he's quite a large baby, so i know its not going to kill him, but im worried all the same. has anyone else experienced this, and what can i do???

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Hi Tania
I think at one point or another all bubs do this. I know Jeb did several times and still does every now and then. Personally i have found him to do it during growth spurts (esp. 8,12,16-20weeks were the big ones for him) also if his teeth are moving or cutting through etc.... Jeb is a big eater (always has been) but he's a big boy. I worried a little but he would always go back to what he was taking or wanting even more anywhere between 2-10 days later. It's weird I know how they go off their food sometimes but just offer it to him, let him take what he wants and you could even offer the rest of the bottle to him half an hour later to see if he wants to finish it. Trust in that it will have very little affect if he goes off his food for a few days. Jeb is just turned 10 months and is over 13kg so not eating for a few days every now and then had NO effect on him!!!
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