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Hi I have a 5 1/2 month old son. since birth he has always been a happy chucker but since going to the bottle at about 12 weeks he still spews if not more. He also has trouble with constipation. He hasnt gained any weight in almost two months in fact he loses weight every week. The chn has suggested going to goats formula tried that still spewed and couldnt pass stools, we tried soy still no change, he has been on s26 ar formula since going on the bottle but that just seems to clog him up and make him spew 24/7. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on changing formula so frequently i just hope all this changing doesnt upset him for the worse.


hi i've had to change formulas alot with my dd at the moment we are onkarikare lactose free and she doesn't spew as much s26 make a lactose free one too, but if you've tried goats milk formula...then i don't know cause that's lactose free too!! you poor thing.... i also use coloxal drops in my dd bottle for constipation these work great, but my health nurse said the other day that there not making them anymore!!! I still have some left so i'm hioping she grows out of it before they run out!!
my friend just used to add 20mls more water than she was supposed to this helped her ds with constipation but you should definatly talk to your CHN or doctor before doing this....
I hope it get's better for you soon... i was having heaps of trouble but the lactose free formula has seemed to work for me!!

katie VIC dd 30/8/03 dd2/4/06

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