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Fussy Feeding at 3 months Lock Rss

Hi Guys,

My little 3 month old boy has become increasingly fussy with feeding (breastfeeding at the moment).

Has anyone else experienced this?

For example, this morning he woke up about 7am - fed for about 10mins on one side and then didn't want anymore. Offered the other side - didn't want it.

I then put him in his bouncer for about 10mins with his toys, offered the alternate side again, refused. Then I offered him the original side and he had about 2 mins more and that was all he had for brekky!!

Would love any advice or just to hear that it is 'normal'.

Thanks smile
Hi Poppy2, I guess it is normal for a baby to become fussy at some stage of bf. Babies do also become more efficient at feeding so that 10 mins might have been enough for your ds.

All I can tell you is Charlie is really fussy and has been for about 2 mths. She will feed for 5 mins if I'm lucky, then will sometimes take the other side - sometimes she won't. She went through a stage of prefering my right breast, and if she gets distracted by anything I can forget the rest of the feed altogether. It is distressing to think your bub isn't getting enough milk so I just keep track of how many wet nappies she's done and that she seems content.

Your bub may grow out of this phase before you know it but if it continues to worry you speak to your CHN, they might have some tips for you.

Good luck smile

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09


I very nearly gave up breastfeeding because my daughter got sooo fussy with feeding at this age too. It is not uncommon for bubs to go on a sort of feeding strike. Its annoying and may mean you need to feed more often, but on the bright side I found it only lasted a few days. So if you persevere I think you will find it will come right again. I guess its best to try not to stress and force the issue as this will only make baby resist more. So be relaxed and go with the flow.

Good luck

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

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