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How long does your baby take to feed? Lock Rss

I was just wondering how long other babies take to feed. I'm breastfeeding my 12 week old daughter at the moment and she only feeds for a couple of minutes each side and only has about 6 feeds per day. I remember my son was still feeding for 20 minutes each side at that age - it wasn't until he was much older that he would only feed for a couple of minutes. I'm not really concerned about it as she's really content and has plenty of wet nappies, I just find it a bit odd.


Hi Jasmine

Sorry I can't offer anything of note here - mine have all been longer feeders until later too. I guess your DD is just a 'get the job done and don't hang around' type of girl!! LOL And as you said, nothing to really worry about.

When they say, "You may have breastfed, but you haven't breastfed THIS baby," it is SO true isn't it!? they are all so different.

I found out an interesting fact.. did you know, the average number of squirties per nipple is 9. I have heaps on my left nipple and only 3 on my right. I call my boobs 'slow flo' and 'fast flo'! hehe maybe its because she's your second? takes me about 5 min.


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