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Cheeky 4month old Lock Rss

My 4 month old DD has discovered the world! and i'm having a lot of trouble BFing her at the moment as she's too busy looking around the room, or giggling/smiling at me! - as cute as it is, its getting a bit frustrating! - i've gone into a quiet room, tried to 'ignore' her when feeding and have put a nappy over my shoulder to block everything out - but no luck!
- any advise please?

Caitlyn born 14-03-07 Jack born 06-04-09


My DD is 4 months old too and has started taking interest in everything thats going on!! She too becomes distracted at the breast and starts giggling and smiling at me. i was concerned because she would only feed for about 5 minutes before she had enough and didn't want to feed...I rang the parent helpline and they said it was common for babies to do this at this age. She said that if she's seems happy not to worry about it and they will feed when they are hungry.

I have since started feeding 4 hourly instead of 3 hourly and have noticed an improvement. hope this helps smile

Emma SA - Briar 15/03/07

I have a 6 month old who has been doing the same thing for quite a few months now. I agree with Mother2Be - try feeding every 4 hours - if they are happy than it shouldn't be a 6 month old is starting to teeth and is starting to chomp down on me...she turns her head to look around the room but doesn't let go!!

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Emma SA - Briar 15/03/07

Hi guys

thanks so much for your advise i will try 4-hourly and see how it goes, glad to hear there's others out there and that its common at this age
ooh that sounds painful!!

Caitlyn born 14-03-07 Jack born 06-04-09

ahhh i know this feeling... My son is 13 weeks tomorrow and has discovered the world aswell, I find i let him play with his ted (cuddly/lovey) whilst feeding... It has since stopped him from mucking around too much, However if DD (20 months) or DP come into the room i have no hope at all and he turns his head towards them with my nipple still in his mouth... Oh the pain!

Also i just demand feed with DS maybe you could try that if the 4 hourly doesnt work smile]

Goodluck with everything

DS done the same when he was about the same age he even does it now sometimes... i hated feedin around friends special when there partners were present cause he would look around alot and i would be there with my boob out then as soon as i cliped my bra back up he would want it again... now he tries too grab my nipple and pinch it god it hurts...

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