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How much formula is your 9-10month olds drinking!! Lock Rss

Hi there, I'm interested in how much formula other 9-10 month olds are drinking. My first bub was exclusively breastfed so was a bit upset when Evie (no.2) weaned herself. She doesn't drink as much as the tin says, but I'm more interested in what other bubs are doing instead of the tin. She will drink 4 bottles a day, I make up 200mls but she usually only drinks 100-150mls each bottle. She isnt a big solids eater either... I'm interested in your replies, thanks

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

Hey sarar

My little girl will be 9 months on saturday. I make her 200 mls for her 8am bottle & will leave about 30 mls of that, then at about 12ish I make her 150 mls, she has all that bottle. At 4pm i make her another 150 mls but she leaves about 100 mls of that one so i'm thinking i'll just drop the 4pm bottle, then at 7pm she has another 200 mls & she drinks all that bottle. So over the course of the day she will have at the most 600 mls. I think the can says they should have about 700 mls but it does say every baby is different and some may need more & some may need less. The can is really just a guide. Ella eats alot of solids though. She would eat 24/7 if she had it her way!

Love Anna

Ella: 2 years Eden: 1 year

My son is 3 months and exclusively on milk (breast and bottle) and he drinks 150mls. However, my daughter weened herself off the boob at 6 months and only drank 150-200mls til she was around 18months, however, she was (and still is) a huge solid eater. I supplied her with water and juice in between feeds and always praise her for drinking a full bottle..... she still loves her milk and she is nearly 3.

All I can say is if they are happy, growing and still getting other fluids other than milk (formula) I wouldn't be that concerned... if not try a different brand of formula and see how they go.. some kids like the taste of one over another.. they even have a 'goats milk' one now.
[Edited on 06/09/2007]
Wow... All the kids seem to have their own feeding amounts and pace. Brianna will be 9 months on Monday and would probably just have solids only if she had a choice! She has always been formula fed but now she is down to only a few bottles a day. We make up a 260ml bottle for her 7am feed and some days she will have it all and other days she will push it away after only 150mls. Bree loves Farex baby cereals and so we add any leftovers to this and offer it if we think she is still hungry or needs it. We make up another 150ml bottle for a midday Farex based meal so she doesn't actual 'drink' this from the bottle. We also give Bree a 150ml bottle before she goes to bed, sometimes she finishes it and sometimes she will only touch half of it. All her other meals are homemade solid feeds. I used to worry that I was not feeding her enough when I read the recommended daily feeding guides on the tins as Bree had so much less than the tin indicated that she should be getting. Considering that she was a 9lb 10oz baby who has grown at a very healthy 'textbook' rate, and she is very good at telling us if she is hungry or not - I have decided to stop worrying about what was written on the tin.
[Edited on 06/09/2007]
My DD is 8.5months old and only drinks anywhere from 100-200mls a feed 4 times a day (average is 130mls). She has always drunk less than the tin. I wouldn't worry too much as loong as she still has lots of wet nappies and isnt constipated.
My 10 month old daughter has a 100ml-130ml bottle (If we are lucky) at 9:30am, the same at 1:30pm, and about 180ml just before bed at 8:00pm. She has never been a big bottle fan and child care just suggested that we give it to her in a cup instead so I am going to give it a go next week. She does eat a lot of food however.
Karl has 4 bottles of 240ml each day. When he is sick he might only drink 180ml per bottle.

As for your DD if you are worried ask the CHN. But prob if your DD is happy and gaining weight then she'll be fine. She might just b petite at the mo.

Jenni and Karl
Now keep in mind my 10 month old is a guts!!! He'll have a morning bottle (8am) of 280ml (250ml water, 5 scoops) and if he doesn't drink it all will only leave about 10ml, then at lunch (12pm) eat a 170g jar of fruit, then about 3-4 hours later will have another 280ml bottle, and either drink it all or only leave about 10 ml, then have dinner around 6:30/7pm and eat a whole 170g jar of meat and veg, then have his final bottle at about 10pm (280ml) and drink it all. I guess he's just a big boy, but he's very active. I had him weighed the other day and he came in at 10.6kg, and all that eating isn't making him put on huge amounts of weight because he's still following the growth chart curve he was on from birth.

My 10 and a half month old has any where from 200 to 400 ml per day. Not much compared to some of the other bubs on here! He has 3 solids meals and either arvo or morning tea. He's putting on weight and developing well. My advice is to ignore what is published on the tins and listen to what yout bub requires. There is such variation in babies' requirements.
My 9 and a half month old daughter has 4 - 5 bottles of formula a day at 180ml each.

Hi my 10 month old take only 3 bottles a day first at when he wake up i make 120 ml he only take up to 70 ml. Second at 3 120 ml again he only take 100 ml.. Nd last before he goes to bed sometimes he doesn't take.. In between he eat solid.. At 12 pm yogurt at 5 1 bananan with 1/2 pears.. Nd at night if he doesn't drink milk thn i give him multigrain ceralac 3 tbl with 70 ml milk.. Pls reply me if m feeding him enough cause he wakes up during night 3-4 times as i breast feed at night nd wanna stop it now.. Waiting for your replyss
My son is 9 months old and absolutely loves his solid food. Bottles on the other hand not so much. I make up 3 x 180ml bottles per day, which make up to 210ml one made, and he can leave up to 120ml in a bottle and there is no convincing him to drink more!
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