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Breast and Bottle Feeding


Formula Lock

Hi parents! Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble buying formula? I usually use Bellamy...

2 replies

I'm mostly just after a good quality one, the 'organic' label is not necessarily a must but I would prefer it if I ha...


Recommended washable breast pads? Lock

Heeellppp! Which washable breast pads are recommended?? I originally got the avent washable pads ...

2 replies

Awesome thank you =) will definitely give them a try!


Adding flavor to formula Lock

Hi I know you shouldnt add anything to formua, but we are running actually have run out of optio...

13 replies

Hey, that really sucks. My baby associated lying on his back with reflux pain so we had screaming and no sleeping for months. It i...


Do you find breastfeeding difficult? Lock

What challenges have you faced? There are some great resources listed in the link below but let u...

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Mucous stools (cows milk-soy protein intolerance) Lock

For the past 4 weeks I've been on a strict dairy and soy elimination diet to address the sli...

1 reply

Just give it a few days - one slimy poo doesn't mean too much. Two of my babies were severely dairy protein intolerant and I ha...


Formula choices Lock

My bubs is 9mths old. I plan to breastfeed until 1 year plus but am looking for a formula to use ...

7 replies

My boy took to cow's milk so well, he will actually stand by the fridge till you open it. He will then get the carton out and s...

Shaz & Ryan

Formula - where are the sachets?? Lock

Ryan is 36 wks and still breastfed. The last month I have been making Ryan muesli with formula ...

6 replies

If she is having trouble with constipation. Is she having water with her meal? Just a sippy cup with water to help keep her hydrated...

Laura Eaves

Best formula for constipation Lock

My 8month old gets constipated a lot and has ever since starting formula at 6 months old. She is ...

5 replies

I found Novolac constipation was the only one that worked on my son, well recommended Good luck hun xx


Breastfeeding in public - what do you think? Lock

How do you think attitudes differ in Australia than in other countries towards breastfeeding in p...

3 replies

Breastfeeding in public in is not wrong and if mums find it awkward, there are a number of breastfeeding products like tops , nursin...


Going back to work - which breast pumps work best for you? Lock

Did you know that you can hire breast pumps? What other tricks helped you ease back into the work...

1 reply

I used the philips avent single electric pump, I was quite happy with it. I expressed at work and found it very compact to carry ar...


Breastfeeding and pumping-help! Lock

Hi there, I am going back to work in 3 weeks. . I have no idea where to start, I'd like an e...

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Toddler obsessed with breastfeeding Lock

Anyone got any suggestions on what to do with a toddler who is obsessed with breastfeeding. My so...

5 replies

makalu wrote: Part of the frustration is we're TTC right now and struggling to get pregnant which we think is due to breastfeed...


Agitated/thrashing baby Lock

Hi everyone, my little one is 6 weeks old. On colicky days she has periods where she is feeding a...

4 replies

Thanks heaps Tamara


Breastfeeding in public - what do you think? Lock

Do you think Australia is a better place than others to breastfeed in public? In some countries, ...

5 replies

Hi there, I'm a new mum (and new to this forum). At my mother's group all the ladies have the breastfeeding covers which i...

Aussie chicko

Teats for Anti Reflux Formula? Lock

Please help! I am at my wits end. My seven week old is on S26 Gold Anti Reflux with Dr Browns bot...

2 replies

Hi from Perth also Try closer to nature bottles and teats


Anyone else exclusively pumping? Lock

Hi, I am a first time Mum and after 3 1/2weeks of breastfeeding I could no longer feed due to the...

4 replies

Hi ladies, I fed on the breast for 3 1/2 weeks before switching to exclusively pumping. Baby is now 10 weeks old and I am pumping e...


teat size Lock

What are the signs to go up a teat size? Im very reluctant to go up due to his reflux that has b...

1 reply

Getting cranky while feeding is a big sign he wants a faster flow. I just bought one size up teat and tested it out on my boy to se...


Pumping when exclusively feeding Lock

Hi, my little one is 8 weeks old and exclusively breastfed every 2 hours at the moment! In 3 and ...

2 replies

If you've got 3 weeks you should be fine. I second the recommendation to pump after the first morning feed. I went to work fu...


Which breast pump is best Lock

Looking at investing in one, and want to get the best for my money

3 replies

thanks for the info..


breastfeeding 18 month old Lock

I am sick of getting disapproving looks from others while I breastfeed my 18 month old

5 replies

Agree with the above. I still breastfeed my nearly 2 year old but mostly only in the privacy of my own home. I'll occasionally ...

dancing queen

weaning 9 month old - advice needed! Lock

So I've been very lucky with my breastfeeding journey and have successfully done so for the ...

2 replies

When I start dropping the day feeds if she refuses the bottle do I not offer her the boob and give tough love, eg bottle or nothing?


Young Parents Baby Massage, Free Session Lock

Our breastfeeding group for young mums (under 25 years) is having two special topics this month: ...

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Lucas's Mum

Baby has reflux, AR formula issues! PLEASE HELP Lock

Hi, my baby is 3 months old, he has been on losec for over a month, and it has helped heaps. We a...

1 reply

My boy had reflux. At 4 months I weaned him on to Heinz nurture. Just a regular formula. He had no problems with it. I hear the gold...


Silent Reflux Lock

My 7 wk old has reflux and I think bad wind too. We have been on losec for 2 weeks now, and half...

11 replies

Hello, I thought I'd just give a quick update. I've been off dairy and soy for 3 weeks. Her face has cleared, so clearly a...


Breastfeeding after tongue tie snipped? Lock

I got my babys tongue-tie snipped 3 days after he was born and he damaged my nipples pretty fast ...

10 replies

Yup the infection has cleared , thats what they tested for thrush but it came back negative and come up with a skin infection , appa...

miss ruby lou

Follow on Fomula options? Lock

I was unable to breastfeed my son, due to complications, and have been feeding him the S26 newbor...

5 replies

We used S26 for our little boy when he was born - I wasn't producing enough milk to keep up with his feeds, so we decided early...


Ki khela dekhaili ore o mainka... Lock

NFL Preseason 2015 Live Stream

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Breast Pads? Lock

Hi, I am just wondering what breast pad brand worked well and was comfortable for you and how lo...

4 replies

I like the Johnsons disposable for their shape the best. Under clothes it doesnt look weird and has a nice indent where the nipple g...


vomiting baby Lock

I'm a FTM and looking for a little advice or perhaps an insight as to what might be causing ...

2 replies

It's normal for newborns to bring back up milk, they have a valve in the throat (so do adults, but in adults it is mature and c...


Not Gaining Alot of weight Lock

Hi there I have a 3month old girl who has recently not been gaining a lot of weight each plunket ...

4 replies

Hi Leisa, reading what you have just said makes me feel heaps better !! yes we had wondered about genetics as I am not a big person ...


Oatmeal Cereal Thickener - Where to buy? Lock

Hi All Our 4 month old girl is having some issues with reflux. We have her on Karicare thickene...

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Remedies for sore boobs??? Lock

I full time express breast feed my 3 week old daughter. Did the same with my other two girls but ...

4 replies

Warm washers before feeding/expressing, and cold washers after.... if nipples are sore and cracked try squeezing a little bit of you...

Lucas's Mum

Switching back to previous formula! please help Lock

Switched back to previous formula and now baby is not tolerating it as well as he used to. Has an...

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24wk old still feeding every 2hrs Lock

Hi.My 24wk old is still feeding every 2hrs during the day.At night he can do 4hrs stretch sometim...

7 replies

If he's okay with 2 hr schedule that's fine, but I think you should introduce the solid food by now. Veggies and meat will...


Breast milk Lock

Silly question but how long can you leave breast milk in the fridge? Thanks in advance

2 replies

Thanks for info makalu!


Nan HA Gold Lock

Hi all! My DD is 13wks old and is currently on Nan HA gold as I've stopped breastfeeding 3we...

3 replies

Thanks! Been adding an extra 10-20ml of water and already has success! Will keep on doing that and hopefully she will be happy again!


formula problems Lock

So my LO has been on s26 gold since birth and she is now 11 weeks old but I found it was giving h...

4 replies

So update on my LO she is currently using s26 gold comfort as advised by a nurse. she has improved a lot and found out she had colic...

Mummy <3

HELP! DESPERATE! Weaning determined 12mth old off breast Lock

Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of some advice. My DS has turned 1 and I have been solely bf...

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Comfort Sucking...while starting to produce colostrum Lock

Hi all, I was just wondering what others think, I have a 20 month old who is comfort sucking but ...

5 replies

May I ask why Tamara?


My 4 month old REFUSES to take a bottle - HELP! Lock

My 4 month old has begun to flatly refuse any type of bottle feeding of my expressed milk, and on...

3 replies

I've never had this problem. But with my last 3 children I didn't even try to bottle feed them until they were 6 months o...