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My baby started solids(rice cereal) two months ago and loves it,I am now thinking about increasing his meals,do I just go to two meals a day?how much should I feed him?He is 6mnths and started solids at 4.5mnths due to him waking more in the night to feed.(he sleeps through since starting solids)He is also having 4x bottles of roughly 220ml,his weight is approx 8kg.
Hi Tanya,
Thank you for your enquiry. It is now recommended that a baby commence solids from six months but seeing as you have already started it is probably a good idea to increase the feeds to 2 meals per day and then gradually to 3 meals. All you do is offer the same amount (starting at a few teaspoons increasing to about 1/2cup) twice a day. From six months you can offer yoghurt, cheese, as well as a variety of fruit and vegetables. You need to offer each vegetable separately first to be sure that your baby is not allergic to anything. All vegetables and fruit are better tolerated if they are cooked first. You can discuss introducing solids with your Early Childhood Health Centre where you will find lots of information.
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