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Hi Alex
Just wondering can u get pregnant while your breastfeeding. I been told no,if so why did they give us mini pills to take,when breastfeeding stops u from being pregnant.Im on the mini pill and i seem to be getting my periods every 2nd week,why is that? I take my pills the same time everyday so whats causing my period to come in every 2nd week...curious!!!!!


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There are only 45 weeks between my brother and myself because my mum was told that breastfeeding was a reliable contraceptive. She breastfed my brother and conceived me six weeks after his birth without having a period. Breastfeeding, if done regularly and on demand, reduces the chance of conceiving but unless you'd be ok about an unexpected pregnancy it's better to keep taking the mini pill or use barrier contraception. Don't know much about the mini pill myself so hopefully someone else can enlighten you on that one!


Thank you for your enquiry. Yes you can get pregnant while breast feeding as some women ovulate when breast feeding. It is not considered a reliable form of contraception and alternate methods of contraception should be used when feeding. The minipill can cause some breakthrough bleeding for several months when it is first started. It is not dangerous and quite normal. This seems to be what you are experiencing. This should settle down soon but if it continues you need to be checked over by your doctor and perhaps an alternative contraception discussed.
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