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I gave birth 9.5 weeks ago and a week or so ago I staretd to get a pain across my belly above my belly button... after a few days it went away but now I have the same pain to the right of my belly button (below it) and it is constant pain like if I push my hand there it hurts or I knock it, it hurts... when I lay on it it also hurts.... can this be caused by pregnancy??? It sort of feels like I have pulled a muscle.. should I go to the doctors or is it nothing to worry about...


Mum to Cody 19/01/06

Hi Dianne,
Thank you for your enquiry. If the discomfort doesn’t settle, you may need to be seen by your doctor. You may have pulled a muscle or it may be something more. Usually at about six weeks following birth, your body has returned to its pre-pregnant state so it may have nothing to do with the birth.
Best wishes,

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