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i had a c-section 5yrs ago with my first child then 2yrs ago i had an eptopic pregnacey which resutlted in the same cut been re-opened and my tube taken .. iam am now 35wks and would like to to now the probability of my cut opening during labour ?? also for the last few days i have had a pain in my right side of my tummy and have been quite constipated ,could i have pinched a nerve from going to the toilet or may this discomfort be due to scar tissue from losing my tube ???

Thank you for your enquiry. Your discomfort is more likely to be from the constipation than from anything else. Previous surgery can cause some problems but it is usually an ongoing problem rather than a recent development. The pain from a previous caesarean section tends to be at the scar site than anywhere else. There is an increased risk of your scar opening during labour but it is a very small one. You will be closely monitored during labour for any possible signs that a problem is occurring.
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