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I know this is really a pregnancy question but i dont know who else to ask and thought you may be able to help.
We are TTC#2 and have been trying for 9 months after comming off the Depo injection. I have been using an ovulation microscope and am getting some mixed results so i was wondering if there is any reason for getting ferning other than ovulation or fake ovulation (just before period). I do not ge my period but have had tests done which showed that i do ovulate regardless of an absent period.
Lately i have been getting some ferning randomly

Amber, DS Bailey 09/03/04 & DS Astin 04/07/07

Thank you for your enquiry. The effects of Depo Vera injections can last for quite a while (18 months is not uncommon) plus a woman’s menstrual cycle can vary during her life. So it could be a combination of these factors. Ferning really only shows hormone changes but not actual ovulation so your hormone levels may be fluctuating. It is probably advisable to visit your doctor to discuss your symptoms and they may suggest some ideas or it may be just a matter of time before your body returns to normal.
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