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Hi Alex,

I am currently have 7 months old son and still expressing milk, I believe that normally if we are still breastfeeding, our period won't come until about 20 weeks or more, I was actually already had my first period on 30 June since I gave birth, but my period hasn't come yet this month, it is just 2 days late though, but I am a bit concerned about it, does it because I am still breastfeeding and my hormone is different to people who aren't breastfeed? or Am I pregnant again? Please advise!!! Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your enquiry. It can take a few months for your periods to become regular again after pregnancy and breast feeding. Everyone is different. Try not to worry too much just yet. If you don’t want to be pregnant again it is advisable to use a reliable form of contraception.
Best wishes,
NSW Midwives Association
Note: This information is not designed to replace that of your health professional.
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