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Day Sleeping Lock Rss

Hi Marie,
My 7 week old son will not sresettle during the day once he wakes during the light sleep cycle after approx 45 mins. He goes down ok, and sleeps wonderfully at night (7pm-10.30pm, 11.30pm-3am, 4am-7am) but I can't get him to go back to sleep during the day. I have tried rolling him onto his side, patting him, music, wrapped, unwrapped etc... If he wakes I don't pick him up unless as a last resort. He will usually quieten down a bit, but once I leave he starts up again (nad agin, and again). As a result he is only having at most 1.5 hours sleep during the day. He has been this way ever since coming home from hospital.
Any ideas?
Sincere thanks,
Hi Carly,
I would really advise you to get a copy of It’s Time To Sleep DVD&BOOK and follow the settling program. The techniques we teach are all hands on and no leaving baby. Wrapping will be an important part of the program whether he likes it or not.
The feed/play sleep routine will also help you to recognize tired signs and act on them.

Huggies has a great discount offer on at the moment – see <a href="">Member Exclusive Book Offers</a>.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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