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5month old 'travelling' in cot Lock Rss

Our 5 mth old daughter has started 'travelling' down her cot during her long evening sleep. The result is that she ends up down the bottom with her legs banging against the end, and the legs poking through the bars, and this wakes her (and us!) up during the night.
Given the temperature in her bedroom, (around 25 degrees this time of year, even with the window open), she sleeps with just a nappy and a t-shirt on. She used a grobag in winter, but it is too hot for one now (even the 0.5 tog), and we think that even a sheet, with her tucked in at the bottom of the cot (as recommended against SIDS) may make her too hot at night.
Any suggestions? (should we put her to sleep naked apart from nappy and try tucking her into a sheet?) What do others in hot climates do?

Janet, Qld, 5mth daughter

I at least like a singlet on a baby even on hot nights and just a sheet would be fine.

Making the cot up as recommended by SIDS is my suggestion

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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