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2 Year old won't stay in bed at night Lock Rss

Our 2 year old girl won't stay in her bed at night, she has been in a big bed for about 12 months We have tried to read stories, bribes and same routine every night. She finds every excuse to come out of her room (just to have a look or drink, toilet etc). We are at our wits end has any body got some suggestions. This has only started in the last 3 months.
Dear kjw

We would like to let you know that Maree, our Sleep consultant, will be unable to respond to your questions from the 13-25th May as she is away on a much needed holiday.

If you require more immediate advice regarding your baby's sleep we suggest that you contact your local Child Health Nurse.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards
Maree and the Huggies Parents Exchange Team
Firstly, I would like to extend an apology to you for the delay in responding to your query.
Do be sure you are letting her fall asleep on her own and in her bed initially as this will be the key to getting her to sleep. If you are comforting her to sleep this will be the reason she is waking so often. The best thing you can do when she wakes or gets up is return her to bed quickly and quietly just let her know it’s time to sleep and leave.
Give her a drink and toilet before bed and don’t accept the excuses after this.
I hope this helps
Cheers Maree

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