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How do your family react when they're in contact with your sick kids? Are they nice about it when you accidentally pass bugs on?

Mine are for the most part, just my SIL isn't and today she has really managed to irritate me. Both my boys have been sick all week, and so have I, with flu symptoms. My youngest was in hospital last saturday after a febrile seizure and we had to take him in again on Tuesday night. MIL and FIL looked after the older boy both times, very kindly and graciously. On Tuesday night they happened to be going to SIL's place for dinner to meet her new boyfriend's parents, who are visiting from Holland, so they took DS1 with them.

DS1 was diagnosed earlier in the week with an ear infection, so we'd assumed that he was not contagious (although he did still have flu symptoms as well, we'd thought it was part of the ear infection). Just yesterday we were contacted by someone at the hospital about swabs taken of DS2 when he was in last Saturday, to tell us he has the swine flu (as well as influenza A) and that averyone else in the house who is unwell probably has it too.

SIL phoned me this morning "to see how the kids are", and couldn't resist telling me how grumpy DS1 was the other night, how he was coughing all over the food, how inconvenient it would be for her to get swine flu (like it suits us just fine) and so forth... is that really necessary??? I feel bad enough. I wasn't there to stop him coughing all over the food, or to tell him to stop being grumpy, so why the heck do I need to know about it?? I'm aware now that he was contagious, but I didn't know at the time.

I rang DH at work and told him we're keeping the kids away from her in the future when they're sick. It's just not worth it, she's not nice or understanding about it and all she does is make me feel worse than I do already. We try to keep our bugs to ourselves generally anyway, it's just that DS2 gets so sick and needs to go to hospital sometimes, and at those times we need help with DS1.

Just wanted to have a rant!
omg she doesnt sound very nice. i dont have much family around just mum and dad, but they generally dont care whether the boys r sick when we visit they make sure the boys r ok but they dont complain if they get sick.

i've had friends complain about it though


Well since you didn't know he was sick then I guess it's not as bad.Maybe your mil and fil should have declined the dinner invitation since your son was obviously not feeling well.
I do understand about how your sil feels though.I hate it when people bring their bugs around myself or my children.My idiot mil has made my 6 month old ds sick twice in his life by coming around to visit when she was obviously sick.Thats what makes me angry.If it was accidental then it is not so bad but still not nice to be sick.

We knew he was sick, we just didn't know he was contagious. We had to take DS2 to the hospital otherwise we wouldn't have left him. Normally we wouldn't leave him with anyone when he is sick, whether he's contagious or not.

If anyone wants to come over and the kids (or ourselves) are unwell, we always let them know. Family members usually decide to come over anyway but at least we've told them.
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even though she did over react- a lot of people are scared of swine flu- your inlaws probably should have not taken him out to dinner when he was sick. You had to leave him with them, but they should have thought about it... not your baggage.

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your Sil doesn't sound very nice a bit of understanding wouldn't go astray from her.
anyway it's not you took him over there it was your inlaws they should be the ones getting the grumpy phone call from her.
grrrrrr i don't like people bringing their kids over when sick but if they don't know it's a different story just like if dd or dh and i are sick we stay away.


I understand you didn't know at the time, but I do also understand where your SIL is coming from. Personally if I was still waiting for test results from swabs I wouldn't take my kids to other peoples places, and I would hope that others wouldn't bring their sick kids to my place too.
Your inlaws knew he was sick and if they put their hand up to look after him then they should have known better than to take him to her place. I think your inlaws are to blame if SIL has caught anything, not you.

I understand that you were put into a situation where you had to have DS1 looked after, but your in-laws shouldn't have taken him out if he was sick.

I do understand why your SIL is mad about it, but like other posters have said, you wouldn't have taken him to her place, it was your inlaws that did it. The situation could have avoided quite easily.

I get really mad when I drop my DD off at kindy and I see other children there with snotty noses and coughing everywhere withouth putting their hand over their mouth. It makes me soooo angry! If your children are sick, then you don't send them to kindy or school. Simple!

My DD has multiple allergies and is a severe asthmatic, so when she manages to pick up what may be just a "small cold" to another child, it affects her twice as bad and she takes twice as long to get over it. Sometimes ending up in hospital because of her asthma. I am very concerned about swine flu as my DD comes into a high risk catergory due to her respiratory problems. Some people do not have any consideration for others.

If my children are sick, then we stay home. Simple as that! If others followed the same rules then we wouldn't have as much sickness around as we do.

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