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Feuding Grandmothers Lock Rss

I'm having a major problem with my Mum and my MIL. My Mum will buy a moderately expensive item for my baby, and the MIL will see it and buy something almost identical, but cheap and nasty or second hand and in poor repair, and then gets upset when we don't use it. This then makes my Mum upset that she can't buy the baby anything without the green eyed monster copying and ruining the idea of the gift. MIL has 5 other grandsons, who get ignored most of the time, and this is the first girl. It is my Mum's first grandchild full stop, yet the MIL insists that her love for the baby is far more than what my Mum will ever feel. I am worried that a) my MIL is completely mental - you hear about some of the stuff she does, b) my Mum is going to give up on the whole grandma thing and c) the 5 other grandsons are going to resent their new cousin. What should I do?

Rish, SA, 3 mth baby

Hi Jasi's Mum,

What a predicament you are in... poor you.

In my situation, I have my mum/parents who just adores her/their grandson (only grandchild) and my hubby's mum who has not much to do with us... they live in Australia and they haven't visited and they send over birthday/xmas pressies but that's about it. It is quite sad and my parents can't believe the little effort they have put into getting to know him (they have no plans to visit any time soon)... the good thing is that I have spoken to my mum about it and she just looks at it that hubby's parents are 'different'... and we don't expect too much.

I know my situation is not even close to yours but maybe you could sit down with your mum and just talk it through and accept that MIL is just weird and has her own personal issues (that have nothing to do with you or your mum)... I think if you make the allowance for that... then your mum can continue being a supportive and amazing grandma and buy whatever she likes for her grandchild.

Anyway, not sure if you have tried this but those are my thoughts.

Good luck!

Bye for now.

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