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Hi mums ..

Just wondering is there anyone on the mini pill? Before leaving the hospital after I gave birth I was prescribed MICROLUT. Is anyone on the same? If different, what are you on? Any side effects?

Many thanks!
Hi, i was given MICROLUT at my 6 week check ups after my last 3 deliveries. I had no problems with it while breastfeeding. When i stopped breastfeeding at 6 months i stayed on the minipill but oh my god my periods were horribly heavy and all over the place. I was then advised to take the normal pill. Hope this helps.

Bye for now
Make sure you take it very close to the same time EVERY DAY!! I had no other side effects other than getting pregnant - lol! Oops, turned out to be a really nice side effect though smile

Now I've got the Mirena, so I don't have to remember to take anything. It's great!
Hi there I took it for 10mths while breastfeeding and didn't have any problems! Returning to the "normal" pill after not being on it for a couple of years is proving to be a bit more difficult! I'm just waiting for my DS to get a bit older so I can have one more baby then my husband can get "snipped" then I'll never have to worried about the bloody pill again!
I've been taking it for 4 months now. No side effects. Just no perionds yet. (i'm not pregnant)

im on that and i have been breastfeeding my son for 5 months. my hubby complains that my libido has been completely wiped out and i got my first period just after i was put on it. i think the side effects can be different for each woman.

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I was on it until I finished breastfeeding, with both my kids. I didn't notice any side effects. I also fell pregnant with second bub straight away after going off it, so no problems there either!
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