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Your Tips On Looking/Feeling Good Now That You're A Mum Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would start a thread that we would all be very interested in and get some great tips to feel and hopefully look good ( with undereye bags and all smile )
So what are your tips for us time poor mums.

Here's a couple of mine.

When you don't have time to put a face full of make up on when you go out always put lipstick or gloss on.

Apply a face mask twice a week - you can still cook, clean, iron etc while you are waiting for it to work.

Apply moisturiser to your feet then put some socks on before you go to bed at night for nice soft feet.

I look forward to your tips.

Have a great day.

Proud Mummy

Have a hairstyle that is easy to keep looking nice!

I used to have really long hair and it never looked nice unless I spent ages blowdrying it, then I got it cut short and layered and it looks so much better, plus it takes no time at all to do. Makes me feel a little bit prettier, and a little more sophisticated having nice hair all day.

Also... keep as active as possible. Even just walking on the spot while you hang out the washing makes you feel more active.

Oh, and get dressed! Even if you're not going anywhere, don't spend the day in your PJ's. Get dressed and brush your teeth. Makes you feel fresh and awake.
Great Idea Proud Mummy!

#1 to get rid of pimples use isocol instead of a normal toner. dries them out in no time.

#2 instead of paying for an expensive exfoliant, jump in the shower and before turning the water on cover your entire body in baby oil, the rub white sugar all over your body in circular motion. This is the BEST exfoliator and leaves your skin soooo soft and smooth - great for pre waxing or tanning if you do these.

#3 if u need coverage but dont like clogging your skin with makeup, just use a tinted moisturiser. looks like flawless clean skin, and its not bad for it. Also great to find one with sunscreen in it, reduces wrinkles later on.

#4 every couple of weeks cut and paint yoru toenails. you'd be surprised how good it makes you feel to have pretty feet! And pale pink is a great colour if you dont like the look of painted toes, just makes your feet look really clean and polished.

#5 if you have dyed hair, go back to your natural colour! Its much cheaper and you know it will always suit you as its tailored for u. I have recently done this and its saved me hundreds.

If I think of any more i'll add them later. Hope these help some one smile look forward to seeing other peoples tips.

You both have great tips!!!!

I would love to get my hair cut shorter and feel like I have great hair all the time but I am too chicken. I always just wear it up when I'm at home.

TJK Mum, I love tip #2!!! I'm going to try it tonight!
I used to colour my hair and went back to my natural colour. I just knew that I would NOT be able to go to the hairdressers whenever I needed to and as you said it is MUCH cheaper.

I will also try and think of more and add them later.

Oh, one I just thought of is a face exfoliator which is yogurt and wheatgerm. Just mix them together, exfoliate and wash off in warm water and apply moisturiser. You can eat it also smile Again, saves money and only takes a few minutes.

Have a great day.

Proud Mummy


During summer to save on your skin exfoliators for your body just go to the beach, rub the wet sand into your body and then take a dip in the ocean to wash it off.

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