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Parents that don't bundle up their child. Lock Rss

One of things that saddens me is seeing children under dressed in certain weather conditions.

When its very rainy, I am seeing children younger than Jasmine(9) complaining that their soaking wet due to not having a jacket on.

One thing that I always make sure of is that Jasmine is dressed appropriately for certain weathers, if its windy she must take a jumper, if its raining then she has to wear and zip up her jacket plus put up the hood and in winter she must wear and FULLY zip her jacket up plus put on a scarf and hat.

Not sure if its me being Scottish, what do you guys reckon?
Yes it is sad when you see this. I live in a fairly dodgy area with a lot of houso parents, n you see them at 9 o'clock at night in the freezing cold walking around with a baby in a stroller with a nappy and tiny t shirt on, no blankets or anything. I don't take my boy (2& a half months) out at all after 5-6pm as its too cold, especially in winter. If I need to go to the shops I keep him home with my partner while I duck out. Australia is a hot place in the spring/summer months but I understand what your saying about the winter months. People are silly to take kids/babies out not properly dressed. There are a lot of slack parents who care more about going down in the freezing cold to recieve their centrelink pays and not worrying about the child being cold or getting sick, if I have to go out in the rain or cold, my boy is fully clothed with a warm track suite or pants and a hoodie and a beanie and tiny mittens and little shoes and socks and even then I put a wrap or blanket around him. I don't want my boy being cold or getting sick. It's not fair on bubs as they can't dress themselves!

My girl is 9yrs old but I still always make sure she is wrapped up.

As I posted in my other post, she will battle me when I ask her to zip her jacket but I just zip it for her but she wriggles/fidgets about which makes it harder to get zipped but I do eventually get it zipped and explain to her that I want her staying warm.

So even 9yr olds don't realise that they need wrapped up.

Feel free to post in my other post by the way because any help would be greatly appreciated wink?
Don't be quick to judge the parents though. My daughter doesn't feel the cold. I send her to school in a jumper and it's always off before she gets on the bus, i'm doing the right thing by making her take it but aside from super gluing it on i can't make her keep not take it off. Same as at home she will quite often in the middle of winter come out in a singlet and shorts and complain and scream for ages when i send her back to put warmer clothes on.

Forever, for always and no matter what

That is a fair comment Tutu&Lulu.

Does that mean that I am wrong to always ask my daughter to fasten her jacket up at all times?
Scottish Joanna wrote:
That is a fair comment Tutu&Lulu.

Does that mean that I am wrong to always ask my daughter to fasten her jacket up at all times?

Personally I would say it's uneccesary to force her to always do up her jacket. If she wants it open let her have it open! She'll soon zip it up if she feels cold. I often wear my own jacket unzipped and can find myself too hot with it zipped (it's a good warm jacket). She's 9 not 2 so I'm sure she can choose something like that for herself.

I didn't really feel the cold as a child and my son is much the same.

As I have said in your other post. Kids are different. My DD is 9 years old I can tell you now that she would not stand and let me do her jacket up That would be way too embarrassing. She is big enough to do it herself if she is cold. We have been to the UK in their winter twice and all my kids know when they are cold. Even here in winter. They will just go and get a jacket/jumper or if we are home and they are cold they will go and get dressing gowns and put them on themselves. My twins are 6 and the same. I do not force them to do up jackets I ask the twins if they are cold but that's about it. As I said my DD who is 9 years old she makes her own mind up. In Australia not way I would make my kids do up a jacket and wear a scarf and hat in winter. Now we live in the west it is cold in the mornings we get minus temperatures but no I don't make them wear as much as your DD wears. My kids always say they are warm and very rarely get sick. I'm happy with that. But each to their own.

I even ask Brownies and School to make sure my girl bundles up.

The School are with me on this though because if its wet or windy, they won't let kids outside to play unless bundled up properly.

Brownies are a bit less understanding but do ask Jasmine to zip her jacket up at night but that is because me and my OH requested that they do.
So it would appear that you are the only insistent parent if they are only asking your child at Brownies.

Yes at my kids school they are told to wear jumpers and jackets but they can not force kids to wear something that they don't want to. Nor do I force my kids to wear anything that they don't want to. Kids need to learn to control body temperature. Clothing is the best way.

Everyone's body temperature is different and needs are different. Try working in an office no one is ever happy with the air con as we are all different and we all dress accordingly. I am sitting with a jumper and jacket and the person sitting next to me just has a shirt. Yes we are all different. We need to respect that.

Same as we all parent differently.

There's no harm in wanting your daughter to be warm. Your a mum, we all want our kids to be happy, healthy, safe and warm.

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