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i am just wondering if anyone else has experienced a total lack of interest in sex after giving birth nad i dont mean for a couple of months, my daughter is nearly 2 and i just cringe at the thought of having sex with my partner. i feel bad for him but i feel that i am forcing myself to make love to him and it is more like being relieved that its over rather than actually enjoying sex. is there something wrong with me?

vic, 5yrold &2yrold

Hey cass 22,

I know how you feel. I have a four year old and a 3 week old and after my first was born it took well over two years to get back to where we were before he was born and thn we fell pregnant with number 2( we went from a very active sex life to a very NON sex life).

I to felt like you "Lets get it over and done with" ! It wasnt becsue i didnt love my hubby or still find him attractive but more im tried i have been busy all day with the kids i have a million things to do and right now sex just isnt on the top if my list!!!!

I love DH and felt bad that we had no sex life but still that wasnt enopught for me to give in all the time! It will come back (maybe not when your hubby would like it to smile but it will)

I think some times we dont give our selfs enought credit for all we do each day! But i also see Dont get me wrong our husbands do have a hard time after childern are born and they do get left out (some do not all)..

Dont push your self or feel bad this happens and it can take a while to feel like you did befor kids..

I hope this has helped a little and remember your not the only one...


Beck mum of :Tyson 23/06/01 Flynn 01/05/06

I was the same, I am now single, and can I say, it wouldnt be such a bad thing at the moment...LOL! When its taken away, i suddenly think it wasnt that bad!!
Although after DS, I found it felt aweful, and hurt...maybe I should get that checked out??

Me, NSW & DS 22.12.04

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