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need a little help please!!!!!!! :) Lock Rss

does anyone know if there is anything i could take to increase my energy and libido that was a little embarrrasing lol after having my bubba my libido has gone and i work in the morning and in the night and i am soo tired during the day, please am i alone does anyone feel like this ?????????????????????????????? i tried cenovis womens multi but they made me feel sick help!!!!!!!

xxx sad

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SUSTAGEN!!! I swear by it. Its a formula drink that you mix with milk or water, I have it with milk.
You can buy hospital formula in a big tin 700g for about $20 and smaller tins in the supermarket for about $7. You can get different flavours its yummy.
I never ever have energy so i have one in the morning and one in the arvo.
You might be low in iron too. so you could take a supplement or include more greens and meat in your diet. Try it, iit works for me.........

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I took elevit before, during and after pregnancy, and still continue to take it everyday, my little one is 8 months old. I find it's great, and if I don't take it I feel so worn out.


hi girls
i need some help i have a BIG problem. my DH can't keep up with my sex demands... sad( i don't know what to do... i have always enjoyed sex but i think that my demands are to big for DH to cope with... i prttey much want sex every night... and not just once. what do i do??????????????? HELP is it me or is there other women out going throught the same??????????

I am having the same problem. My second child is 5 months old and still not sleeping through the night. I have not had a full nights sleep for over six months. I have found (I know this will sound strange) that cutting out all caffine and chocolate has made a big difference to my energy levels. I also try and drink lots of water. My 5month old is breastfed too - so what I can take is limited. But I had to cut out the coffee and choc as it was giving him wind and I am amazed at the difference it has made in me!
I will also give the Sustagen a try and see if that helps!

3yo girl & 3mth old boy

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