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Hi everyone

My name's Amy and i'm 18 and the proud mother of a 5 1/5 mth old boy, Adam. I still live at home with my parents although i am still with Adams father. But unfortunately we dont live together due to financial difficulties. He comes over every day after work and leaves once Adams gone to bed for the night and we've had some alone time.

Just wondering if there's any other young mums out there that could share their stories with me.
Although i'm willing to talk to anyone tongue

bye all
Hey Amy

Funnily enough my names Amy too, and i'm a young mother (19) with a 16 month old little girl names Louisa, although my circumstances are a little different as i am not with Louisa's father anymore, he basically hasn't been around since she was born. It has been hard, but i have had a lot of support from friends and family.

I also live with my parents

Would love to speak to you about being a mum and stuff if you want to smile


Amy,SA,16mth girl

Hi Amy

Well thats really bad about Louisa's father, but i'm sure things are well with all the support u have.

Myself i love being a young mother as i feel when your young u can spend more time with your child and then when they're older you still have your youth (well sort of). Although i find people staring and saying "she's a bit young" but i brush it off as i know i'm a good mother and care for my son in the best way possible and make sure he doesn't go without.

I guess i got used to people talking about me being a young mum because i finished the last 6 months of my VCE pregnant. Although through being at school i also got support from friends and many teachers. Where you able to finish school?

I love watching Adam grow and waking up to his smiles everyday, even if the nights are tough i feel its all worth it in the end, as i have a beautiful baby and am happy.

Hope to hear from u soon


If you would like to talk privately my email is [email protected] and i also have msn messenger
well hi i am 19 yrs old and have a 3 mth old baby girl i dont live with my parents but i live in a flat and my b/f works alot so alot of the time it is just my daughter and i . any way seeya later
Hi Nat,

Congrates on the lil one! How r u finding motherhood? Is your daughter a good baby? My lil one Adam is 6months today and i cant believe how time has flown, all of the pic i have just dont seem enough even though i have HEAPS!

Anyway where abouts in Aust do u live? i'm from Vic.

hope to hear from you again soon


P.S Annalie it was good to actually chat to u on msn the other day sorry i had to leave so quick though.
Hi there Amy.

My name is Amanda. I am 21 years old and i have 2 children, Jacob who is 2 in August and Katelyn who is just 4 months old. I live with my partner and he just loves our kids, even though he works 7 days a week he comes home at night and plays with them and gives them their nightly bath. I would love to chat with you about anything.

Amanda NSW mother to Jacob & Katelyn

Hi Amanda,

How are you? I'm good, and my lil one well he's teething so he's a bit gizzly. Its great that your partener makes that time for your children, i know alot of men that woould just get and want to relax. Whats life like for you with 2 little ones? is it hard to watch Jacob while your feeding katelyn? i find when i babysit my 2yo neice and i'm feeding Adam its hard to keep her out of trouble.

It was good to here from you
sorry to make it short

Hi Amy, thanks for the reply. I love being a stay home mum but it can get a bit lonely (especially living far out of town) so it is nice to have someone to chat to. I love having 2 children, it is a real rollercoaster ride but so is life. I do have a bit of a hard time keeping Jacob out of mischief when i am feeding Katelyn, but i have found that if i give him a cup of milk when i am feeding katelyn he just sits down quietly with me and we chat or read a story. This may become harder as katelyn grows older and becomes distracted from feeding easier.

What I found to be a big shock upon having two children was the washing. I mean this little tiny new addition to the family creates a huge amount of washing - it is unbelievable.

I am really looking forward to summer, it seems that little boys have almost endless energy and a great way to burn some of that off is to take them outside and let them run and play!

hope to hear from you again

Amanda NSW mother to Jacob & Katelyn

hey Amanda,

Well it sounds like you've got a good little boy on your hands! i Cant wait for Adam to start walking and running around. Although when he starts i'll probably want him to stop.

I cant wait till summer either. i want to take Adam to the beach and see his reaction to the moving water. He loves the pool and i hope he loves the beach just as much.

You're too right about the washing, just Adam makes enough for me. But its calmed down as he was on the verge of reflux when i was breast feeding and when it came time for formula it got worse untill i put him on Karicare AR. So the amount has almost halfed. Thank Goodness.

Any way i better get back to the dishes,

Hi, my name's Jess and im 18 with a 19mth old son, Jacob.
I have recently split with his father and moved back home.
Would love to hear from somebody.

Jess,(18), S.A, 19mth Son

hey jess

welcome!! smile

sorry to hear that you ahve broken up with ur little ones father, was it a difficult breakup??

I know what you have gone thruogh, i went through the same.

If you want to talk to me about anything, don't hesitate!! my email is [email protected]

Amy,SA,16mth girl

hi my name is celeste and im a mum to 4 month old Ella-Marie. Im 20, and Ellas father and I have just got engaged! we live together and everything is fantastic!
If any other young mums want to talk my email is [email protected] or on msn.

celeste,wa,baby Ella

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