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febrile convulsions Rss

has anyone out there seen there young children have a febrile convulsion, it happened to me yesterday and it was the most terrifying thing i have seen in my life. My dd who is 2 and a half years old had a fever and was just laying on me all day, all of a sudden she called out mummy then started to convulse and slumped over i noticed her lips and unders her eyes where blue she had stopped breathing, i was at home by myself with my two dd's. i rang an ambulance and they took us to the hospital. when she had finished the febrile convulsion she was stiil blue in the face and just laying there motionless and staring she really looked like she was dead, and i scared the life out of me, she was unresponsive and lifeless. DH left work early and met us a the hospital. She is home now although the still is sick and still has a fever, the doctor said because she already has had a febrile convulsion she has a higher chance of having another one.

Sorry about the long post just had to talk to someone about it.
You poor thing i cannot imagine the panic and heartbreak you must have been feeling. This is one of my biggest fears - i worry everytime my girls get a fever. I have never had to deal with convulsions i just wanted you to know that someone had read your post and was thinking of you. I hope you never have to go through that again.
Mummybear, I'm so sorry to hear about your awful experience. I've never witnessed anything like this myself, but DH had convulsions when he was a baby and my MIL said it was absolutely terrifying. I'm sorry I don't have any words of wisdom or helpful advice, but know my heart goes out to you for having to see your baby like that, and I'm glad she's back home with you. Take care.
Hi There,

I know exactly how you feel!And my heart goes out to you.
My dd had 3 in an hour when she was 14months! She didnt even have a fever when she had her first one! It was the most scariest thing i didnt know what was going on. She had the first one at home, she was saying mumma and i picked her up then she started convulsing, we rang the ambulance and then she had another one when she got to the hospital and then another one when they gave her a lumbar puncture. She didnt awake for about 6hours after. she was admitted to stayed in the hospital for 3days as she was ill and they didnt know why she had had the convulsion, and they gave her antibiotics and sent us home not knowing what had happened but that she had an bacterial infection.
After this i was so paranoid that she would have another convulsion when she got a fever. About 6months later she started getting a fever she wouldnt eat and drink, she was hospitalized for 3weeks,(her fever reached 41 degrees at times), after every test performed, they finally discovered that she had appedicitis. At 1 years old! And on top of this we were on holidays in Darwin when this happened. Once she was well enought o fly home, she came back and had the operation. And she is now 4 and she talks about it all the time how they cut her tummy and she has no appendice.
Thankfully she hasnt had another convulsion since!

Kaliyah Jett 11/11/02 & Cruze Scarlett 8/8/06

it was an awful experience to go through and never want to go through again
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