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I have heard that your 2nd baby is larger than your first is this true?

Because my baby was over 9 pound and am a bit worried for when and if it happens again. Plus thinking about the age gap what is best when your partner works away so will be doing it solo during the week.

Not in every case. My 3 I would assume to be all about the same weight had they been born about the same but DD1 was born at 39weeks and weighed 7lb 9.5 and Nos 1 & 3 born after 40w and both were 8lb 3oz
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My 1 st was 7lb 11 was born 39wks, 2nd 8lb 3oz 40wks, 3rd 8lb 2oz 38wks.
I have 3 yrs between each, my hubby works away 1 week, home another, I do it solo, and providing you have a good routine, things move along great. It can be hard at times, hopefully you have a good support network around you.

My 1st was 7lb 3 born at 40+8, my second was 8lb 10 born on her due date (according to my calculations).
I have 27months between them and #3 with have a 20mth gap between him/her and DD2.
My husband does a lot a away work, but i have a really close knit playroup that i attend, so that has helped heaps.

my first was 6lbs13.5oz at 9days over
second was 6lbs 14oz at 9days early
and my twins werent in
they were 2lbs 15oz and 3lbs 1oz at 29weeks.. but the doctors said they would have been about 3.8kg each at 38weeks..(when they would have been induced.)so about 8ish lbs each..
at full term she weighted 7lbs 11oz and he weighed 6lbs(but he had 3weeks of surgery thats y hes smaller)

between #1 and #2 is 22mths and between #2 and the twins is 16mths.. the oldest was 3yrs and 2mths when the twins were born..

My DD was born at 38 weeks n weighed 7lb 8oz
DS#1 was born at 41 weeks n weighed 8lb 14oz
DS#2 was born at 40+1 weeks n weighed 9lb 6oz.

So yes my kids were heavier each ime but I have a friend who had a smaller 2nd baby at around the same gestation.

Mummy to 3 little goblins

Hi, my first weighed 7 lb 9oz (42 weeks)
my second weighed 5 lb 2oz (39 weeks)
just had 3rd and weighed 7 lb (41 weeks)

I have a 2 year age gap between the first two, and a 15 yr gap between the 2nd and 3rd.

It depends really

My DD1 was 9lb 8oz and 59cm long into size 00

DD2 was 11lb 1 oz and 54cm long into size 000.

DD was 9 when DD2 was born

Oh and DD1 was a week over due and DD2 was a week early
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Hi there

My first bub was born 8lb 6oz born 40 weeks and 5 days
bub number two 9lb and 1 oz born 40 weeks 1 day. I have a 4.5 year gap which seems to be working well, however it has obviously taken my son some getting used to having to share our attention with baby. My younger sister was born weighing slightly less than me so I guess just because your first is big does not mean your next will be...
DS was 6pounds 1 ounce. Born 3days early.
DD was 6pounds 1 ounce. Born 2days early.
(both were induced)

So no my 2nd born wasnt bigger then the 1st.

there is about 2 1/2 yr age gap between DS and DD. Its a pretty good age gap...For me..Hubby works alot and when he is home he is usually i basically do everything..

Although i, myself did get bigger....


DD1 5lb 15 (9 days early)
25months later
DS 7lb 12 (10 days early)
6years later
DS 7lb 3 (5 days late)
2.5 years later
DD 7lb 6 (14 days early)

My partner works away quite alot sometimes for months at a time. My advice is organisation but with flexibilty and expect some very tired days.
My dd was 4200g (9lb 4oz) at 40weeks on her last due date.I had 2 due dates with her the 11th, 12th and 14th.She came on the 14th which was the first date I had so I consider her right on time.

My ds was 4180g (9lb 40z) at 39w 2d.I actually think I ovulated alot later that month so I really think I was 38w 2d.

So my 2nd born was 20g less then his big sister.I think if he had waited 2 weeks he would have been alot bigger though!

Have you got lots of family support?I don't think there is a perfect age gap.I have 2years 4 months between my two.We are trying for another bub now.I'm hoping to have around a 18month gap.

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