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My daughter Melanie (3) has an imaginary friend - she calls her "Shadow" - I presume she got the name from watching too much Bear in the Big Blue House. I am not sure whether to play along with her - she usually talks and plays with "Shadow" herself, but occasionally she wants me to undress "shadow" for the bath or put "shadow" in her car seat and buckle her up. Then there is the tricky questions like who is "Shadows" mum or where does "Shadow" live. Do any other mums have children with special friends and what are your thoughts about playing along with imaginary friends. Would there be any harm in it. I have tried saying that we left "Shadow" out shopping when we go, but of course she always returns - "here she is!!!"

Maryanne, NSW, Melanie 3yrs & Nicholas 1yr

My 3yr old plays with her imaginary friends too. We go along with her and have fun with it. Sometimes I send them to the naughty corner too!! At the age of 3 I don't think there is anything to worry about as their imaginations have really kicked in by this time. I think it's a problem if the friend continues to stay as they get older. I've also noticed over time that certain friends have disappeared only to be replaced by ones with names of her "live/real" friends. Does your daughter have a lot of other kids her age around like play group or daycare??
What a creative little girl! smile

Imaginary friends are a very healthy thing for young kids, they are a good outlet for their creativity, and are great for story-telling play. They also give the child a sense of security when they're playing by themselves, or when something changes in their environment (hence imaginary friends appearing when a child starts daycare or a new playcentre etc). It's like an invisible, fluffy comforting security blanket.

Playing along won't do any harm at all, you can have a lot of fun with it, and it may even be useful (I remember my friend saying to her daughter "Look! Such-and-such has eaten all her veges! What a good girl she is!" ... and magically her daughter ate up her veges!). A lot of kids have imaginary friends that they usually grow out of naturally without any trouble.

I had an elephant that I used to play with in my sandpit, I can remember him, he was purple and I called him "Felephant". Great fun! tongue

This new forum is strange ...

Hey my 3yr old son has one too called "George"...but we are not sure if he is imaginery or actually a ghost...apprently "george" talks to my 8mth old....a bit spooky if you ask me.

Is there a difference?

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

Thanks for all the advice - I do think that "shadow" appeared not long after the birth of Nicholas so maybe that had a lot to do with it. But for now we will continue playing with shadow and include "her" in our teaparties and games.
Once again.

Maryanne, NSW, Melanie 3yrs & Nicholas 1yr

there is a reason why she has a imaginary friend there is no harm in trying to ask questions about shadow................. all children have special friends dont make it worse by taking them away from your child once the children have grown up there special friends will go away
Go with it - I've loved reading about all the other special friends out there, these are great things to store in memory for 21st birthday speeches.
We have Rhapsody (from The Fairies) living in our house, and she is such a funloving member of our family. DD likes to dress up and pretend she is Harmony, so the two of them play together beautifully. Sometimes Rhapsody needs help getting dressed, and I just try to go with the flow, but sometimes having to set an extra place at the table each night (and serving a meal to go with it)can be slightly annoying. Luckily Rhapsody doesn't have a big appetite! smile I love DD's imagination and really want to nourish it.
DD also has two "children" called Junie and Parlo, but they come and go, depending on mood.

DD 05/03, DS 04/06

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