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Hi everyone, my 11 yr old son was diagnosed with asperges today and im just wondering if anyone else has a child with aserges. It has taken doctors many years to diagnose him, first they said he had ADHD, then they said he was just a few years behind everyone else, now this. He is having test done in may, he is also being sent for a brain scan because they think he may have brain damage aswell. I feel this is my fault he has brain damage as i was in an abusive relationship with his father when i was pregnant with him, and when I was about 7 to 8 months pregnant his father punch me in the stomache. Everyone tells me its not my fault but im his mum and its hard not to think this way. Sometimes its like i still have a toddler and i often feel like i have done something wrong. Somedays i just want to cry but i pick myself up and carry on. I am a single mum and no help from his father, which doesnt bother me, My kids r better off without him. My son has a bladder problem, he reads and writes at a grade 1 level, hes in year 6. I have often thought of homeschooling him but im not that smart when it comes to school work sad If u have any ideas on how i can help him, and help myself copy, i would be glad to hear them.
hi there

i'm really sorry as i don't have any suggestions but i use to work in after school care and looked after a child who had brain damage and another who had autism so i can understand where you are coming from to a lesser degree.
You are doing a great job as a mum and you know that none of this is your fault!
I was homeschooled until half way through year 1, and my sister until half way through year 3 but then my mum ended up with 5 children and it was too difficult for her so we all went to mainstream school.
it can definately be done if need be or if you would prefer it. they have great support teams in place to help out and you don't have to be a genius to be able to teach your child as it is all from books.

I really hope that now you have a diagnosis for your son, life starts to get a little easier for you.
Good luck with it, and please don't blame yourself. You may be his mother, but that is a great thing, not something to feel guilty over.
And what has happened in the past cannot be changed, but you can give him the best future possible, as i'm sure you will smile
Thank u for ur kind reply, hes a great kid but its really hard as he gets bullied at school everyday cos of how he is and theres not alot i can do for him at the moment. His doctor is going to wait for all the results to come back then next year try and get him in a school that caters for kids like him. Im not sure if its the right thing or not. Im a bit confused and trying to read up on asperges, i've been on line most of the afternoon reading up on it.
Its a tricky one, it must be really hard to see him being picked on. I can't say what would be best, only you, your son and your doctors would be able to make that decision but i hope that whatever happens it gets better for you now you know what you are dealing with.

Im sure it will all work out fine smile

My friend has a daughter with Aspergers. They had many of the problems you are describing with their daughter. Her daughter came along in leaps and bounds when they found a school with a special ed unit in it that specialised in helping children with Aspergers.

I would highly recommend maybe looking into this as your first port of call?

ALl the best!

Thanx, apart from today i have never heard of this before, so i have lots to research on. He attends the special ed unit at his school but he still cant read or write properly and often doesnt want to go to school because of the other kids that bully him. Its only early days so hopefully everything will fall into place quickly. I plan on going to talk to the principal at the school tomoro and letting her know what the specialist has said, so hopefully they have some other asperges kids at the school otherwise i will look around for another school for him.
Hi Robyn, I sent you a PM
Hi Robyn,
No, it is definately not your fault!!!! I won't go all encycolpedia on you here but arm yourself with a support network, autism qld and the like. They can also gice great direction regarding education programs. Local special schools may also have so ed programs that you can implement at home. I bet you are already giving him exposure to heaps of beneficial skills without even knowing it! smile

Huggies Mum abroad!

I drove past an austism place today, just near my sons school, i will have to drop in there and see whats available. Thanks for ur support, Makes a difference smile
Robyn I have sent you a P.M

My DS#2 has high functioning Autism which is very similar to Aspergers except he also has a speech disorder as well.

You are a fantastic mum who is doing everything right. The first step is the diagnosis. Now that you have that "Label" ( diagnosis ) for your son it will open up so many other doors for assistance from the school and also from the Autism spectrum association in your state.

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