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I knew there was something different about my (since diagnosed autistic) son from the time he was about 18 months. The diagnosis you have been given ('that he will only have very basic speech and comunication') is absolute rubbish. Your child will have huge potential to make progress. They are usually very visual so find out anything you can about visual learning. I got some 'babybumble bee' dvds from an online store in australia called 'just for bubs'. I cant speak highly enough of these DVDs which quite frankly are boring as sh*t to watch but my son loved them and i think they taught him that words mean something (instead of background noise?). I also printed off the flashcards off their american site. Just before his 3rd birthday i found out that he can read all of the words off the DVDs, about 180 of them. Not small ones either, some of them 10 letters long and he can pick up new words within a couple of days. 20 years ago my son would have been labeled as slow, when he is far from it. I think you need to raise your expectations of your son. If you expect too little of him he will probably live up to it. All children are better at some things than others. I just try to concentrate on what my son is good at and try not to worry too much that hes not interested in ride on bikes etc. The autistic spectrum is just that. A spectrum ranging from severe autism to high functioning and aspergers. The reason so many children are diagnosed now is because they have become better at it! Some of the high functioning ones would have once just been labeled eccentric. Good luck to you and your family and your son is lucky to have a big sister who is good to him.

Its not that i expect so little of my son, far from it, and re-reading over my post i have no clue where you got the idea that i did. Waht has been placed under the heading of Basic speech is that his sentences will be roughly consisting of maybe 2-3 words. Unfortunetly the babybumble bee dvds scare the (well you knowwhat i mean) out of him.
Anyway, i don't mean to be rude, far from it.
So far we have had speech therapies once a fortnight and he does enjoy them. We are focusing on gaining more eye contact at the moment and using soooo many toys and things for that. He absolutely hates the flash cards that we use for communication. So far it's just sitting and looking at the eyes.Its slowly getting there
We are putting him into dance classes to help him with he walking as he still doesn't put his heal down when he is walking

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