Hi all, this is my very 1st post smile I've been looking for a parenting forum to ask some advice.

My daughter is 7, and diagnosed with asd, odd, adhd, ocd, congenital heart disease, hyper/hypotonia, airways disease, short stature, intellectual imparement, the list goes on.
Anyways, My partner and I are pregnant with our 1st child together (daughters step dad). We are due in December. My partner also has a 4yr old boy who lives with us full time.

My daughter is very violent and angry. To the point where even I fear her sometimes.
Her OT recently brought up the topic of safety for the baby when he/she arrives. Im absolutly terrified and feel so guilty.... how could i be so careless as to bring a tiny newborn into this home sad

Im wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation and how you dealt with it?
OT has suggested baby gates, a big playpen and locks on doors so that when im feeding/changing/bathing the baby my daughter cant have access to us, just in case.

*sigh* I feel horrible, like my daughter is a monster (which she's not!!! Just sometimes...) and i also feel horrible at the thought of this new little one getting hurt.