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Anyone on WW that would love to chat, whinge, share idea's, cry, rant rave etc...??

Then this is for US!! LOL

I just joined WW AGAIN yesterday, but this time i am determined to stick at it and reach some goals. I am taking it at a slow and steady pace and i am not going to expect results tomorrow, i think that has been my main problem with my weight loss experiences...

So come on, jump on board, share your idea's, recipes, exercise tips etc and lets focus on supporting each other and getting some results...

I endeavor to post in this thread at LEAST once everyday when i can. Hopefully i won't find that i am talking to myself for too long sad(] I'll be back tonight to report on how my day has been...

Hi! I'm thinking of joining WW again. I haven't been on it since before I had DD1. Are you still breastfeeding? I am, and while feeding I'm ALWAYS hungry. I'm worried about being hungry, even though I know they allow you more points if BF.

Good luck anyway! If I do join up, I'll be back in here.

Leah smile
Hi Kristy!

Yep, I am doing WW for the second time! I did it before falling with DS1 and lost 13kgs in about 5-6months and was only 1kg off goal when I found out I was pregnant and had to stop.

I have tried soooooo many times to do it again on my own at home but it's just not the same. I need to be held accountable for - hence joining back up and weighing in each week and staying for the meetings when I can.

I've been REALLY bad the last month or so and haven't got anywhere. I even skipped a couple of weigh ins cos I felt so bad about it all. But I picked my fat arse up of the chair today and went along to discover that even though I hadn't been very good this last week (not overly bad either) I have stayed the same. I actually felt really good about this and am inspired to get back on track!!

As I said in the recipe post, you must be my guardian angel, cos I think you starting these threads has given me somewhere else I can be held accountable (IYKWIM) and some like minded mummies to chat with about it all.

So, kudos to you and all the other mummies on this mission with us!! Together we will win the war on fat!!!! LOL!!

DSS 13yr, DS1 4yr, DS2 3yr

hi all,
i am doing WW from home though, on my own. can't really afford the meetings, i already have a gym membership, so i got here as often as i can ( i try for twice a week) and i also have WII Fit i use at home on the other days. (when i have the energy).

I am finding it hard but it worked with after my 1st DD and i am hoping it will help me lose the last 5 kgs after DD2. Then when i lose the 5kg, then i want to lose another 5kg after that. But 5kgs for now will get me to the weight i was before i fell pregs the 2nd time!!!!!! which was light than i was the 1st time i fell pregs (if that makes sense).

anyhoo i have written a book.
Godd luck to you all and i look forward to chatting to you all.


Yay girls!! I am glad to see some responses already!!

Leah no i am not breastfeeding. So its all systems go here!!

Well today was really good!! I am feeling really positive about this so far, mind you i am only on day two.... LOL I have checked all my points and i measured my foods, created a meal that suited the whole family and still have 2 points left!!! YAY!!

I had toast for brekky, salad for lunch with avocado, 2 apples for arvo tea and then chicken chow mein for tea!! Then i had a nestle choc mousse!! which is only 1 point mind you!!

Ive restarted WW at home.Am BF too which allows the extra points.DS 3 is almost 12 weeks so Im keen to drop the flubber.Have a cross trainer here which is great for hanging my clothes on LOL.I endeavour to get on it for 10 minutes each day for starters anyway!!
Im keen to lose 14 kgs so I'll join you!!

Hey ladies, how did we all go today??

I am actually doing weight watchers online, unlimited tho so i can go to meetings as well. I have found the WW site and the etools so helpful!! The points tracker is fantastic, i just enter my foods and the tracker adds them all up and calculates my points for me!! IT is great and i highly recommend it!!

I have had a great day today, i have been a little hungry but have been snacking on point free foods... LOL cucumber and tomato are my new best friend!! drizzled with fat free french dressing of course.. YUM

Does anyone know how much avocado is recommended weekly?? I have a thing for that at the moment, and although it is high in fat it is a GOOD fat.... I might go google it sad(]

WOOT I have found my new home!!!!

I am followiing the ww program from home, as i cant afford to go to the meetings.

I have lost about 27 kilos in total so far but it is the last 10 that is causing me trouble!

Well i will definatly be dropping in here alot!

Thanks for the thread Kristy!
WOW 27 kgs is fantastic!
Im doing from home as well no meetings!
Maybe we can keep each other honest!!LOL Sounds like your doing great anyway.

Kristy My worst time is night thats when I want to snack my self stupid!!Ive been mostly snacking on salsa and rice crackers tomatos and cucumber would be a nice addition.

How often do you girls weigh in??
Ive just been doing it weekly.

Love You Manda sad(]

spunkymunkyz that is my worst time too, i am great thru the day, but once i have had tea, thats it i just want to pick pick pick.... i am like a garbage disposal!! Serious!!! LOL Its so so bad. But i have figured if i swap from biscuits and crap to healthy point free snacks then at least that is a a start. I want to cut out the eating after 8pm all together!!

I weigh in weekly, every Tuesday morning as this is when i head off to my meeting... I am NOT giving up this time... I am relying on you girls to pull me thru!!! If you noticed i haven't been in here for a while PM me and get up me for it!!! LOL I am serious!! I need to do this!!!

I am off to Daisy's for lunch today and i requested chicken and salad.. NO naughties!!! I will be good, chat later and have a GREAT day ladies smile]

Hi ladies,
i have done it. i have broken the 70kgs mark!
i am so happy. One week on WW (from home on my own of course). just following the points and writing down what i eat.
I weighed the other monring and I have broken it! Finally, its just taken me 6 months. but i did it.
I am now weighing in at 69.4kg!!!!!!!

will check in again in a bout a week and hopefully with more good news. Although i am going out this weekend for my birthday and having lunch out today with the girls from work but i am going to try to eat healthy food!!!!!

Hope everyone else is doing really well.


hi girls im not currantly doing WW but did in the past to lose my baby weight. thought id add my favourite low point things for you. ( note: when i did it i used mums old books so some things may have changed)

rice crackers (10) and salsa 1 point
scrambled eggs, one full egg and one white 1 point
diet coke FREE

ETA i you like curries etc, you can now get a coconut flavoured carnation evapourated milk which has A LOT less fat in it compared to coconut milk or cream

when i think of more ill add them.

GOOD LUCK, WW definately worked for me so hope it does for you too

[Edited on 18/07/2008]
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