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how much it will cost to have wisdom teeth removed via surgery WITHOUT heath insurance? I have been told i need all 4 out at once and DF needs his out too so we need to know how much it will set us back...

Im in QLD if this helps.

Steph xo

Costs can vary widely between dentists, best thing is to ring the one you intend going to and get a quote.

Having insurance doesnt necessarily reduce the cost that much either, unfortunately!
Cost me about $1600 for day surgery with a private dental surgeon in a private hospital about 5yrs ago - worth every cent too. I had no bruising or ongoing troubles, and finally got rid of my tooth aches.

Ive been told by my dentist that i will need surgery because the nerves are becoming exposed in 2 of my teeth...will my dentist refer me to a dental surgeon?

Not sure, my dentist is a dental surgeon and I had mine out in the chair, only one was complicated because of an abscess so had to have antibiotics and then get it drained and then have the tooth removed - it was so long ago I cant remember what it cost.
thanks grin my dentist is happy to leave it for now coz it isnt bothering me and concentrate on other things that need fixing now!

Ive been told by my dentist that i will need surgery because the nerves are becoming exposed in 2 of my teeth...will my dentist refer me to a dental surgeon?

So, does he want you to have them out under a GA or will he do them for you in the chair? Dentists ARE Dental Surgeons, maybe you mean an Oral Surgeon (would do them under GA)?

It doesn't really matter if the nerves in a tooth are exposed, it can still be extracted in the chair and be a simple and straight forward extraction. If the teeth are impacted, not fully erupted or badly decayed (yours sound like they are for the nerve to be exposed) you may require a surgical extraction (cut and sutures) instead of just a simple one (no cutting or sutures).
If the teeth are going to be surgical extractions, sometimes it is better to have it done under a GA as opposed to in the chair as it can be stressful!
Dentists and Oral Surgeons can charge what they like so fees vary. You would be best finding out exactly what type of extractions they are going to be and get the item numbers for the procedure and ring around some other Dentists to see what their fee would be. But in saying that, cheaper is not always better!

My babies are all grown up sad

You've made some good points grin I have told him i want them out under GA as i can not handle the stress of having more teeth pulled (had 4 pulled when i had braces when i was 11) I dont handle dentist very well and he knows that so i think he is going to refer me to an oral surgeon...

I had mine out under GA 11yrs ago. Highly recommend this option if you can afford it - I didn't want to know what was going on lol

Back then it was around $1200 to get 4 cut out so I would hate to think what the price is now sad
OK then, to have 4 out under GA you are probably going to be looking at around $3000 all up (includes oral surgeon, anaethetist, hospital fees etc.).

My babies are all grown up sad

OOo i guess I will just have to start saving now!! Luckily DF's arent as bad as mine and can wait!! I think we'll do wedding first then surgery!

Hey I has all 4 of mine out about 4 mths ago by a private oral surgen (very highly recommended) at a private hospital and all up it cost about $1600 (thats including pain drugs, surgon, hospital bed and anethist and follow up visits) I DONT have private health cover. so i guess it depends on where you live.. I'm in north east victoria.

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