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These are awesome grin

I mop the outside of my washing machine instead of bending down to scrub it.
I Dustbust EVERYTHING! Best present ever!
I get DD1 to help with lots of things- she loves it wink
I spray the shower with Exit Mould. I don't even rinse. The ad is real!

ill have to get some exit mould. my shower is the worst to try and clean. the shower head doesnt move well so its really hard to rinse grr and hence i hate cleaning it.

mum to one goregous boy

Also if people are coming over and I haven't got around to folding and putting away the washing, I stick it all in bin bags and hide it in the boot of the car!! unsure

hahaha this actually made me LOL!! Love it! I'll have to remember that one, I ALWAYS have my clean washing on the couch for a few days before it gets folded and then we just grab it off the couch...gosh how lazy is that now Ive written it down!!

My trick is that I just grab everything that is out of place if ppl are coming over and shove it in my room and close the door (it then tends to stay there longer than necessary lol)
I vacume my skirting boards....really cleans them well, actually i vacume everything haha!
Paper towels are my favourite item, i love the good ones tho, when cleaning after dinner, i just spray with multi purpose and wipe with dry paper towel and it's looks instantly clean and cleans all kinds of mess then goes straight in the bin!! cant stand the thought of wiping the brench with a week old dish cloth :S

I have these collapsible hampers from Kmart, they are pink and look cute, so i usually just pick up all of bubs toys and throw them in there, and it looks decent hehe. in the bedroom i usually hide the clothes i havent put away either in the cupboard or in my daughters room. i vacuum my bedroom, but not my side of the bed because no one sees that bit. im really slack with the shower, but good old ajax gets it clean quickly hehe.

I thought I was so lazy but ladies you've made me realise I am normal - THANKYOU!!
I vacuum the floor boards instead of sweeping (and that's when the vacuum was working), I also dust bust or if I'm on the floor with the kids I tell them to turn on their vacuum buttons and we all pick up little bits to put in the bin.
Love, Love, LOVE my PineOCleen wipes. Quickly wipe over toilet seats and bathroom sinks and people think you've cleaned, clean up spills on the floor with those.
I also do the towel dance!
Oh, and If visitors arrived unannounced (especially if it's my mum), I have been known to throw all manner of washing in the washing machine til full to brim, and dishes in the dishwasher - still stacked in piles!!
No ones allowed in the bedroom either...who makes beds these days? No one sees it...
I use the vacuum to move toys out of the road too.
I also vacuum up food chunks instead of bending down to pick them up.
I vacuum food crumbs off the bench/tables then wipe them down lol
vacuuming the shower is a GREAT idea!!
i dustbust the dog hair I can see.... if I cannot be bothered getting out the vacuum cleaner, especially if visitors have just pulled up and I have not had time to vacuum....I can see them walking down the road (and NO they cannot hear it! - I've checked lol).
i grab the broom and sweep averything into a pile in the middle of the house then i sit on the floor and call the kids to take their toys to their rooms and i use the dustpan and brush to sweep all the sand and food crumbs up and bin them, then i do a quick vacuum then a steam mop.

my shower i use a nail cleaning brush to scrub the shower while im in it, its really handy cos it gets all the black out of the gaps in the tiles and i dont have to use much stinky cleaner at all.

i sort my washing into sections as im putting it on the line and fold it as im getting it off the line.

if people come over unannounced i dont answer the door unsure lol oops

if i run out of time before someone is due to arrive i grab empty washing basket and chuck everything into them and then hide them down the side of our bed

huggies wipes can clean EVERYTHING. and the new cucumber and aloe ones smell really nice.

if the bathroom is in need of a clean and we have visitors dropping round unexpectedly i just wipe over the benches/sinks with a pine-o-cleen wipe. normally it gets a good going over with cleaner, sponges, and an old toothbrush in the nooks and crannies and takes me forever!

i usually let the dog eat the scraps of food that DS2 has thrown on the floor rather than bend over to pick them up, then i just mop it later. i think i remember reading a thread a while back where everyone thought that was gross but i don't think it is! each to their own lol

I usually have a pretty tidy house (I never used to lol I just finally learned to get ontop of things, i have no excuse now lol DD is 3!!) BUT if DD is having a lets bring everything into the lounge room day and lets change my clothes 7 times today day and ppl turn up that are really particular i grab a washing basket and chuck everything in it, no matter what it is, and toss it in my room until they leave lol!!
Oh and I'm a lazy dish washer! After tea I put the days dishes into the sink with hot soapy water until the next morning and while DD eats breakfast I refill the sink and wash them up - no scrubbing required LOL!!!
These are great grin I use baby wipes too, Lol and I always call the dog down if I have dropped food on the floor- instant no fuss vacuum..I mop later too, though he does a pretty good job of licking it up, hahaha.

Love the detol and water in the bottle! Fab idea!


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