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i was just wondering how every one copes with being a single parent? im in a small minded mining town and somedays the critasizem and comments and that get to me. i was wondering how othe people cope with this?
I was a single mum of three under five about six years ago, so I know how you feel. The trouble with small-minded people is they will never be open-minded to how single parents came to be single parents. They choose to judge rather than to ask and understand. It's funny how they look down on the single parent,yet their own lives are probably not perfect. Unfortunately the critisism and comments won't stop but you will eventually stop hearing it. Be proud of yourself,it's a huge achievement bringing up children on your own!! smile
it is funny though cause my sister was saying one day she knows how her friend feels whos partner doesnt help and was like hey i did it for the first two weeks and its like HELLO i have done it for 2.5 years now dont here me complaining

i was just wondering how every one copes with being a single parent? im in a small minded mining town and somedays the critasizem and comments and that get to me. i was wondering how othe people cope with this?

You cope with it just cos you have to lol! It's all I've ever known, so it's just part of the parenting process for me, I can't compare it to anything else.

I've had a few instances where some people have just assumed that DD was a result of a one night stand, and that cut me pretty deep.

But in the end you just have to get on with it and be happy with what you have ie a happy, healthy child smile
when i was pregnant my friend told me tht i wasnt really going to be a single mum cause my parents still lived in the area and wuld help me out and she was more like a single mum cause her partner worked away for about 2months out of the year and she had no other family...i wanted to smack her

yeah seans mummy i would of wanted to smack her to lol...

ive been a single mum now for almost 7months...and me n kids r sooo happy!!!... laugh ive got 2 kids my boy just turned 2yo the other wk and my girl well she was 2 months when we left she is almost 9months..
his seen the kids 3 times a total of 2 and a half hours who needs him im glad!! he can just stay the eff away!!!

but i can really notice that ppl look down to me now...Like hello ppl u dont know me n what i went through!! and id rather be happy with just me n my kids than in a bad unhappy marriage and letting my kids be brought up in a *** house hold!!!!

some ppl really dont get it aye...i never chose to get married have kids to do it by myself eva!!! and i was lucky i had my parents to take me in or we would of had no where to go!!!
and i dont need a man to make me happy....i thought i did n was afraid to leave but omg my life my kids lives is just a million times betta off with out him...
I am in the same boat - was a single parent for 9 years, meet someone, became involved, got pregnant it lasted for 2 years and we have been seperated for 3 weeks.

The girls and I are so much happier being on our own. There are no fights, or yelling, bad language coming out of his mouth and they are not getting in trouble for the sake of it. My ex tried to discipline my 11 year old for singing!

Peoples attitudes really tick me off about single parents - a friend of mine relationship broke down after 14 years and she actually apoligised for believing all single parents got pregnant to live on centrelink. I was like "you say what"

With my first girl I lived with my parents until she was 9 months before moving out on our own, my dad kinda forgot she wasnt his lol.

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i know its horrible how people think we chose this way. we dd dad told me he didnt want her when we found out i was pregnant and i dont believe in abortions so i had my baby girl i lost contact with him when i was 4 months pregnant and then got in contact with him again when she was 4 months old he loves he so much now but we cant live together and he stuffs us around a fair bit. i find out when she is 18months old that he got 6 other women pregnant befor we met i had to deal with the crap his gf was caryin on with when i was pregnant and she even told me she hoped my baby would die thankfully he is no longer with her. i lived with my parents from when i was 6 months pregnant till bub was 18 months old we now have our own place its small but we call it home

i know its horrible how people think we chose this way.

Yes I agree with this! I am sick of being labelled names and people thinking that I 'chose' to be a single parent. Some small minded people need to realise that they have no right to judge us unless they know our situation!

It can be difficult enough to deal with things by myself such as the sleepless nights, toilet training, etc. But you just manage somehow.

Firstly, just FYI I am not a single parent
I have always thought it would be interesting to be able to swap minds with people sometimes just to see what it would be like to be as opinionated as some are.

My mind doesnt even come near to thinking bad thoughts about single parents, how they parent, or how they came to be single parents. It baffles me that people would think, let alone comment on another persons situation in that kind of manner

The only thought that goes through my head when someone tells me they are a single parent, is 'Geez that must be hard doing all the parenting on your own, kudos to you!'.
ive been a single mum for almost a year now. i left my daughters dad when she was around 9weeks old (shes almost 14mths now). life has never been better, and my daughter certainly hasnt missed out on anything by not having her father in her life! shes turned into a lovely, happy, funny little girl who really seems to enjoy her life. and u know what makes me proud?i alone have made her that way! i love being a single mum,wouldnt have it any other way. although,like one of you other mummies said,it pisses me off when people either assume my girl is the product of a 1nite stand or that her father left me. i stayed with him for 9years before i had my baby, & when his violent nasty ways didnt change after she was born,i decided bub deserved a good life and we wouldnt get that if we stayed with her dad. ive never looked back!

I've been a single mum for a few months now. I've moved to a very small town to live with my parents. I chose to become a single mum for the sake of my son as my ex was screaming at him and starting to get violent and very rough with him. I am planning to move to a bigger town though before my son starts school as I know he will be judged harshly by the snobs in this town. I have already had alot of negative reactions about me being a single mum.
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