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WINZ sickness benefit, help! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

So, I recently applied for the sickness benefit and should be receiving it next week where I will be 36 weeks pregnant. I pay board of $200 weekly and the worker at WINZ said I should receive around $225 a week! I don't know how I am suppose to live off $25 after I've paid board. I also have other weekly expenses which I included yet it still came to about $225...

Is anyone currently earning more than that? Or does anyone know how I could get at least $80 more. Only going to be on the benefit for a few weeks until baby is born and then it will change.

You should be able to apply for an accommodation supplement on top of your benefit.

Thanks for your comment.

I think I remember seeing that I get $175 and $50 for accomodation benefit. I think $50 is the maximum for where I am living? I have no idea how they work out $25 will cover my food, laundry and weekly payments ????
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