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im a single mum to a 5yr old daughter she is such a good girl but mostly she thinks she can cry to get everything she wants i give in too her and i know i should be more tougher and say n o instead of saying yes all the time whats the best approach
Hi there,
I have a 4 year old boy and he is much the same at the moment. I find that distracting him with something else like a task or even a chore for them to do to earn it works most of the time. Other times it is a struggle lol
I hope this helps in some small way ????
reward charts are great. kids can physically see their progress. sticker on for good behaviour/completing a task (make a job list suitable for age group) sticker off for bad behaviour.
then they learn consequences of actions
does work, also if you get your child involved in picking jobs to put on the list it gets them involved and motivated
All the best


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