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Putting dad name on birth certificate after no longer receiving benefit? Lock Rss

Hi all,
I have 2 sons. One is almost 3 and the other one is just 5 weeks old. With my first one when i found out i got pregnant , my bf decided to walk out as he said he wasn't ready. I was so stressed as i was only finished high school but decided to keep my son. Because of the situation, I decided not to put his name on my son's birth certificate as i did not want him to get involve. I applied for sole parent support and i didn't even fill out Child support form so my benefit got deducted. Not that i was worried about that.
When my son was one and a half , my ex bf came back and begged for forgiveness. He promised that from now on he will look after both of us. I was soft- hearted so i forgave him. At the time i was so skeptical about his sincerity so i did not put his name on the birth certificate immediately. As days gone by, i saw his improvement and sincerity. I got pregnant with my second. We moved in together when i was about 5 months. I went to W&I to report about my change in relationship and pregnancy but didn't state that he was also the father of my first child. My payment got cut immediately.
Now as i am filling out my second one birth certificate, i feel bad about not putting dad name on my 1st birth certificate. As he grows older he will start to wonder why his brother has dad name on the birth certificate when his one has not. I really don't want to hurt him coz he is a really sensitive kid.
Will it be ok to put the father name on my 1st son birth certificate now? Will Inland Revenue or Work and Income do anything about child support or fine me for not putting the father name in when they asked me to and not saying my new partner is actually my first one's dad?
What should i do now sad( i am so stressed.
Hi there, I've just read your little piece and it's very interesting. To me you shouldn't be stressed at all, you have two beautiful babies and they will love you no matter what. I just want to say when the time is right, you will definitely do the right thing. But for now, you should be focusing on your children, not a piece of paper - that's easily done; but as for the frustration over what wins is going to do, don't be afraid, just go and ask I DOUBT IT that they would penalize you for not naming the father on a birth certificate. But hey good luck and remember you have been blessed wink grin
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