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Single Parenting


going out Lock

Hi all, i am a busy young single parent of my 4yr old daughter, and i notice that my daughter see...

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I have a three year old daughter and I find that being very firm with her is the only way to make sure she behaves. I'm not sure if ...


Any single mums in SA Lock

Hi there I am a single mum, 29yo, of an 18 month old boy and I know this shouldnt be in this sect...

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Hi Tania I am at Morphett Vale so not that far away and I would love to meet up sometime...its hard when none of my friends have ki...


Help.. Lock

Im currently just over 14 weeks pregnant, the father has obviously decided not to be involved as ...

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Hi shelly, Thanks for the Thumbs Up, just what i needed. Time to just be happy now! =)

Trin-Trin''''s mum

working single mum Lock

Hi, I'm thinking to go back to work. But, I'm worried I can't cope with it well alone, as I don'...

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its so much easier then what you think... i went back to work full time when my DS was only 12 weeks old, as i needed to, my ex woul...

Where do I start? Lock

deleted [Edited on 06/02/2010]

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If you call centrelink,you can make an appointment to see a councellor(sp?)they will let you know what you are entitled to,and will ...

*sigh* Lock

Long story short, DD's (20 months) father hasn't seen her for about 7 months and I haven't heard ...

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why thank you and indeed we do need to stick together!!

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.......... [Edited on 21/12/2009]

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nevermind Lock

nevermind [Edited on 12/12/2009]

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Hi all :) Lock

Hey everyone, I'm an old member but decided to come back to Huggies again for some reason lol. H...

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Hello I am still around LOL. Good to see you coming back here every so often.



hey just need some advice im a single 20 yo mum i have a DD who is 14 months. i have just started...

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This happened to me and i was your age too, and i was horrible to the guy pushed him as far as i could basically to see if he would ...


To Adopt or Not Adopt? Lock

I have an 18 month old son and am 20 weeks pregnant with baby 2. My partner and I have just split...

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I think the first step is to realise you are not on your own. There is help out there for you. Red cross offer a service where someo...


Just over the whole darn thing Lock

I am so sick & tired of this whole single parenting thing. That is all.

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I am still having those days "why me" when I think why did Merindas father say he doesnt want to be a dad, why cant I get a full tim...

Boy Maker

Partner walked out on us.. Lock

My partner of 10years has left me, we have two kids under 3 together and another on the way. It w...

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Hi there, I feel your pain my husband of 12 years walk out on me too I have 3 children 2 under 4 and a 9yr old and it is very hard ...

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nevermind [Edited on 08/11/2009]

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parenting arranemnt and financial settlement Lock

Hi, do single parents out there mind giving me some idea of what their parenting arrangement and ...

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troubles with the inlaws Lock

i put this post in toddlers and relationships too i have a 3 yr old boy from a previous relation...

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I feel for you. I have a dd from a previous relationship and often wonder if i had another baby how would my current partners family...


financial settlement and parenting arrangement Lock

Hi there, I've been single for 4 months. At first I was still hoping that we could get back toget...

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Hi there, was wondering how long other people take to introduce their new boyfriend to their...

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hi this is the hardest thing i think. I only have one child. does your ex husband have shared custody? I think kids are very resili...


Tips & Tricks Lock

Here is a thread for us Single Parents to share some Tips & Tricks. I have a few that are probab...

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Thanks Mods for stealing my idea......making it a sticky. Nice work.

Trin-Trin''''s mum

full-time mum Lock

Hi, Are there any single parent taking care of their kids full time at home? Are the money from...

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Hi I am a single full time mum at home with 2 young girls, I make the money I recieve enough to survive. I am also studying from hom...


woohoo Lock

we finally have our own section in the land of huggies. will be nice to have somewhere to come to...

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About time! LOLz


Loving myself sick right now!!! Lock

Lol had to tell someone. Been a single mum to DD 24 months for exactly a year now. Had the "x" he...

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