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My Beautiful Boy has Arrived! Lock Rss

Announcing the arrival of my baby boy!

Baby's Name: Phoenix Blair

Date of Birth: 16 May 2009

Birth Weight: 9 Pound 15 Oz

Length: 53cm Long

Head Circumference: 37.5

Time of Birth. 12:53am

Hospital: Monash Medical Center

It was a terrible 35hr Labor, and forceps were used and it took 2 doctors to pull him out! I was soo glad it was over!

[Edited on 26/05/2009]

congratulations on Phoenix's arrival!! he's GORGEOUS with a good head of hair... let's hope we can still say the same thing in 40 years time LOL! sad(]

time to update the ticker now and count down to the first birthday smile]

ps. i love his name!

pps. i am contemplating booking in with MMC - how did you find your experience?
Thanks! Yes I will update my ticker soon when I have more time on my hands!

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