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Welcome to the World Lara Eve Rss

Lara Eve is our 4th child and was born at Mater Mother's, Brisbane on 20 April 2006 at 9.20pm, weighing in at 3590g. She is little sister to Liam Jordan, 11yrs, Soraya Rayne, our angel in heaven (stillborn at 40.5 weeks 26/10/00) & Kate Renee, 4 yrs. I was induced at 37.6 weeks with Lara (& Kate) due to my history. I was 2cm when the drip was started at 2pm and I had mild contractions all afternoon. There was nothing happening and hubby & I were sitting around going 'when's this baby coming? change of midwife at 7pm, I was only 4cm, she said 'you look too comfy sitting there' & got me moving around. She also said we'll checkI was nauseos from the syntocin and in a zombie like state. I asked for an epi, even though I've never had one and was totally petrified of them, so I wouldn't feel like throwing up during every contraction and midwife said i'll examine you first. I was fully dilated and bub was halfway down birth canal. 3 contractions later our precious girl was here. No stitches and no pain relief... We are truly blessed.
congratulations to u & your family Enjoy your precious little girl xoxox
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