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DS Born at 28 weeks + 1 day ^^ Lock Rss

if I could write a story, i'd write it about my very short but painful labor tongue I had little baby James at 28 weeks and 1 day (on friday morning). I was not wanting any pain relief because they tried that day to try and give me pain relief which never helped me. My contractions started to get worse after 1am in the morning, it came umbareable and all. Around 4:00 the midwifes had joked saying about my water as it never broke. They were saying not to push, and then after a secound, blood came out and then they said "Okay what ever your doing DO IT!" and im like "I AM DOING IT!!" tongue They tried to get mum to rub my back and im like "LEAVE ME ALONE DON'T TOUCH ME" LOL shamefully for mum though. Then it was all silent for one secound then BANG my water broke and it splashed everywhere, on bubs paper work and all hahaha tongue

Then at 4:39 baby james came, I pushed all the way ^^ on my own.

at 4:49 i had delievered my plasenta.

In total i had a 6 hour labor starting from 2cm dialated. grin

wow i was just reading a thread of urs before this one asking if it was braxton hicks hahaha
Wow!! 28 weeks is very early for a little bubba to come!!

Glad to hear you are going well, how is James holding up? Was there any indication that you would have him so early?

That's such a great birth story grin
wow congrats, glad your both doing well
Wow congratulations! Must have been a big suprise guess your little man was keen to get out and see the world!

How is he going?

Congrats again!
Sarah xo

Congratulations! Was actually wondering about you today, noticed you hadnt posted since your last one asking about braxton hicks! Hope all is going well with your new little man!
All the Best xx
Oh hun, congrats to you.

James is such a lovely name, a family one of mine, so possibly I'm a bit biased LOL.

I hope you are both well & James is doing just great. I'm guessing he is still in hospital.

Big hugs hun, well done & get some rest while you can. Good news. xxx
Woohoo! Congratulations. Like tesnella, I was too wondering about you today!
I remember replying to your post.
I hope all is well with James being so early!

Love Kyz xoxo
Aww congrats on the early but safe arrival of James.How much did he weigh?I bet he is tiny.All the best xxx
thats wonderful, I hope you and he are doing well, like the others, I have been wondering how you have been since your last post!!
Congratulations on the birth of your little (tiny!) man. I really hope he is going well, as well as you. What were his details? weight, length etc? I hope all is going well and your little man hangs in there. take care!

I was hoping I would see some news after your last post about Braxton-hicks. Congratulations on the birth of James. Hope you are both doing well.

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