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It's a GIRL!! Lock Rss

baby Georgiana Ivy was born at 6.35pm on Sunday the 5th of June. She weighed in at 4.64kg or 10lb 4oz, was 55cm long with a head circumference of 37cm. When I get around to it, or if anyone actually wants to know laugh I'll put up the birth story. But as a teaser:
Threatened induction because of BIG BABY wink
McRoberts maneuver
No stitches!
Congratulations on the 'little' addition! lol
Looking forward to reading your birth story...

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

Congratulations!! welcome to wee Georgiana. Looking forward to the birth story too smile
Congratulations! Well done on the safe delivery!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Glad to hear everyone is in good health grin
CONGRATULATIONS smile ...10 points to u lol....hope u both are doing well..
looking forward to reading your birth story smile
Congrats!! Beautiful name. I love reading peoples birth story so I look forward to reading it! How is your DD with her new little sister?

Congrats!! smile
I'm curious on the McRoberts manoeuvre.. I've never heard of it.
congrats on your new bundle


Congratulations on the arrival of little (well, big) Georgiana!!! Can't wait to hear the whole story.

Congrats!! smile
I'm curious on the McRoberts manoeuvre.. I've never heard of it.

I too, am curious about this manoeuvre. huh
OK here goes smile
I had a growth scan at 34 weeks and was showing on about the 60th percentile, which I was stoaked about. BUT at my 38 week scan I was showing above the 95th percentile, which I was not stoaked about... DD#1 was 4.61kg so I knew I might be in for another big baby. The thing that upset me was that I didn't want to be induced, I was the first time and it was pretty horrible all round.
I went to see the obstetrician at 39+2 to discuss induction because of the baby's size and burst into tears! She said that they would let me go to 40+3 then book me in for an induction, which would be ARM rather than the use of any drugs, (this is because I reacted so strongly last time, and also because I REALLY didn't want to be induced). She also suggested lots of stretch and sweeps and sex in the hopes that I would go naturally before needing to be induced.
So I had 3 stretch and sweeps and had lots of sex, took homeopathic prebirth drops and lots of evening primrose oil capsules (in both directions! blink blink ). On the morning after my due date at about 5am my waters started leaking, it was only a little bit and it was the ONLY symptom of labour, but I was pretty excited that something was going to happen. I phoned my midwife at about 9am to tell her, but the leaking waters was still my only symptom. I had been having braxton hicks since about 26 weeks, but they seemed to stop after my waters started leaking. My midwife asked me to come into the hospital at 2pm to go on the monitor to make sure that the baby was ok. At about 12.30 my braxton hicks started up again, they were coming about every 10 minutes, but did not hurt at all so I wasn't too hopeful that they'd develop into anything.
DH dropped DD#1 up at her aunty's house, while I rounded up my hospital bag etc just in case. We went to the hospital and on to the monitor. My braxton hicks were still coming every 10 minutes, one weak one then one stronger one, but they still didn't hurt at all. I was on the monitor until about 2.45pm. My midwife asked me what I wanted to do, go home or stay there, mainly as she thought that when I did go, it would be fast so although I wasn't in established labour, she wasn't going to make me go home. We decided to go home, until I stood up and had another contraction which actually hurt! My midwife then said that we shouldn't go home, but should go for a walk for an hour or so, then come back to see if anything had changed.
DH and I went for a walk around the hospital's duck pond. It isn't very big so we went around about 6 times. By the time we had done that the contractions were coming every 5 minutes, and were stopping me from walking. At this point DH got hungry (very typical for him - he is one of those super skinny guys who can eat ANYTHING and stay skinny) so we went up the road to the bakery. While he was in getting a pie I texted my sister who was planning on coming to the hospital as a support person. We wandered back to the hospital and got there at 4pm on the dot. When my midwife saw me having a contraction, she took us to a delivery room.
At 4.15 I got in the shower as pain relief, it was great but I started feeling really lightheaded probably as I had the water on about as hot as it would go! At 5 I started using gas which helped a bit but mainly just made me a bit disoriented. The BEST pain relief was when DH got a heat pack and put it on my lower back. I laboured on my feet leaning on a high bench, I couldn't handle it sitting or laying down - although I had to lay down for a while, while they put a lure in my hand. This was as a precaution as because I was expecting a BIG baby there was the risk that I would need meds or fluids quickly.
At 5.30 DH called my sister and said that she should come but that there wasn't really a rush and that she could have her dinner first.
I laboured away, then at about 6.15 I insisted that I'd had enough and I was going to go home. About 30 seconds later I started pushing. I was kneeling on the bed at this point. My sister arrived at about 6.25 and was able to find which room I was in by recognising my voice from all the shouting!
Georgiana was born at 6.35pm. I pushed her head out (through the burning ring of fire!!) then was told to stop, there were suddenly 3 extra people in the room in blue gowns (I'm told that my midwife had called them in as the progress of the head was a bit slow) DD#2 had the cord around her neck, but it wasn't tight so my midwife managed to get it off. But the baby didn't slither out. My first DD didn't either, she had body dystocia which meant that she had to be pulled out. Pulling didn't work with DD#2 which is a sign of shoulder dystocia, which is when the baby's shoulders are too broad to fit through the pelvis. They manipulated me into the McRoberts maneuver which thankfully worked ( ). Of course I was oblivious to the reasons at the time, but afterwards was really pleased that it worked! One of the things they do if it doesn't is have to break the baby's collar bone to get them out.
The baby didn't breathe straight away, which was a bit scary, but she was fine after a couple of minutes. She didn't need any extra help, just a bit of rubbing to get going.
The unbelieveable thing is that I didn't need ANY stitches at all!! I had a second degree tear with DD#1 so I thought I would be getting the same again this time.
DD#2 was 4.64kg, so she beat DD#1 by 30grams. However, DD#1 was 15 days overdue. I can't think what Georgie would weigh had she stayed inside for another 2 weeks!!
So in summary, I had about 2 1/2 hours of proper labour with an awesome outcome!!
Thanks for reading to the end - Sorry about the ramble laugh
That's awesome. laugh
Thanks for sharing!! So happy you had a good birth! smile
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