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We had a little girl. Welcome Rebecca Jayne into the world. Lock Rss

I would like to let you all know that I had my little baby.
Rebecca Jayne was born at 3am on 13/10/12 weighing 3.1kg by emergancy c-section. A little early at 36 weeks.
We are both doing well. Had to spend a week in hospital due to problems with her blood sugars the she got Jornduce due to to ABO incompatibility and needed 24 hours of light treatment.

I am struggling with feeding her. I'm using nipple Shields and expressing to give her a top up bottle as she gets to tired well feeding. One of the problems I'm having is that she wont stop feeding when she is fill, she feeds till she is sick and then shows all the signs of wonting more. Its hard to know that she has had enough. Feeding her takes up to 1.5 hours most times. Then I need to express and wind and settle her. So not alot of sleeping going on.
Hoping to get off the nipple shields soon and have her fully on the breast but she just cant get the hung of latching very well.

This is the first time I have managed to get on huggies since she was born. Its crazy how little time I have theses days.
I know she will get faster at feeding and better at sleeping soon just need hung in there till then.

We think she is just the best thing ever and we are so in love.
I know I need to update my Ticker but that will have to be a nother day.

To everyone that gave me support through the difficulties I have had to get here thanks heaps. I know I'll need lots more guidance as life changes so I may not be on here everyday but will lurk in and out when I find some time.


Congrats hun smile glad to hear she's here safe and sound! Hope she settles down and improves with her feeding and sleeping soon for u smile xx

Congratulation's hun and welcome to the world Rebecca. smile smile smile
Congratulations on the birth of your little girl. I'm sorry things have not been a smooth ride for you, but it will get easier with time. You're doing a great job and I'm glad you're enjoying your baby despite the difficulties xx

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Congratulations on the safe arrival of Rebecca Jayne. Good luck with your feeding issues and I hope you get some sleep soon. smile

Congratulations smile Hope things settle down soon for you. With regards to the nipple shields, i wouldn't worry as a PP said, unless they start to cause supply issues. I fed DD with it till she was about 4 months, and one day decided to try without and she kept feeding. You can use them long term without any problems smile Hope you manage to work it all out soon though xxx


Congrats on the safe arrival of your little girl! smile
Congrats on your baby girl smile

Congratulations!! Beautiful name too smile's me..Blee wink

Congratulations! Lovely name! All the best. smile
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