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Introducing - Lilah Annabel Rss

Congratulations, what a beautiful little girl.
Congratulations on your little girl.she is gorgeous smile
awww im totally clucky!!!!!! =)

same birthday as my 2 year old! exciting! she looks very content and loving the name

congratulations! GBH
Congratulations tigerlily, she is just a little doll! So tiny and beautiful wub sorry to hear your birth was so full on but glad to hear all is well now. Enjoy your new little bundle smile
Awwwww so cute! Big congrats grin
awwww she is adorable!! congratulations!
congrats .... she is just gorgeous smile

She is adorable!!! Congratulations, sorry to hear you had a rough time but glad you are enjoying it smile

Congratulations she's just adorable! smile
Congratulations! Lilah is just beautiful. So happy for you. Sorry to hear the induction was rough, hope you are recovering ok from your c section. Enjoy this special time!
Congratulations she is beautiful smile

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