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Introducing the twinnies :) Lock Rss

Well its a little late but ive been pre occupied.

my girls have made their grand entrance Miss Matylda Adelaide and Miss Scarlett Isabella arrived safely by c-section on 19th September. Matylda arrived at 9.58am weighing 4 pound 3 ounces (1.9kgs) and Scarlett arrived soon after at 9.59am weighing 5 pound 4 ounces (2.4kgs)...

they were born at 36.2 weeks. Both doing well me and Scarlett are home and just waiting for Matylda to start feeding and we can take her home
Congrats! Hope you can bring little Matylda home soon smile

Congratulations! Hopefully matylda joins the rest of the family soon. smile
Congratulations!! smile

Congrats. smile

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