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Amleia Rose Horton Lock Rss

Amleia Rose Horton was born 14/5/06 (mothers day!!) at 9.57 pm. 6 pound 7 length 48cm head 34 cm. my little angel... had quite an ordeal getting her here though

i was in labor for a week, bubba was getting stressed so they induced me. then i ended up having an emergency c section cuz i had a reaction to the drugs and almost had a heart attack, my heartrate was 180. i had a massive bleed and lost half a litre of blood but i was under general so i dont remember it, then they kept me in recovery for 3 hours and they wouldnt even tell me if amelia was ok. i have been told im not alowed to het pregnant for another 3 years at least because my body will shut down. so scary but we are all well now!!!
Wow, she certainly made an unforgettable entrance to the world. Thank goodness, everything is ok now! A lovely name you have picked also. Congratulations.
Congratulations on your little girl. You deserve extra special mothers day pampering after that birth ordeal! I wish you all the best.

Wow, congratulations, that was a Mothers day you wont forget. I hope you have recovered okay and enjoying your little one. I wish you all the best.

Rachael & Madeline (22/3/2006),SA

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