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Symptoms - does anyone else suffer with these? Lock Rss

Hi everyone, I havent been on this forum before, just wondering if anyone else suffers with these PND symptoms, palpitations, nausea and diahorra, hot flushes, fuzzy head, cant concentrate, lightheaded at times, sore shoulder muscles from being tense, have had a few panic attacks, feeling low in mood, hopelessness, dont enjoy things I used to, the list could go on, I didnt even realise I had pnd I ended up going to the doctors having a panic attack and palpitations, then she asked me how I was coping with the baby, and I burst out crying, she asked me a few questions, and then said I believe u are suffering from PND, I had lots of tests for the palpitations as I was sure I had a heart problem, but it all turned out to be part of the anxiety, anyway quite a few months later, I'm feeling a lot better but still have blips now and then, I go to councelling and am thinking of going onto ad's, Karen
hi, i havent had all of the symptoms but have had these....

fuzzy head, cant concentrate, lightheaded at times, sore shoulder muscles from being tense,feeling low in mood, hopelessness, dont enjoy things I used to, i also feel quiet unsure when it comes to meeting new people, like i am not like everyone else and i am in my own little world.

i went to the doc last week and he put me on anti d's straight away and wants to see me in a weeks time, i go back tomorrow so lets see what happens then.... i dont know where to start as i'm really not sure whats wrong with the way i have 1 little man and he is 14 months old, do you just have the 1 baby

Hi, no I have 5, my youngest is 6 mths, I havent had it with any of the other though, I went to the drs yesterday, she put me on Zoloft, what are u on? Karen
i am on soloft also, i went to the docs today and he has now put me on 1 tab a day as i was only having 1/2 for the first week, he said that it will take a few weeks before i start to feel any better.

i,m not sure about going to councelling, i have a hard time telling anyone my probs in person, is it easier to talk to someone you dont know like a counceler.

Did u have any side effects from it, I'm just starting on it also, 1/2 a tablet, then after a week a full tablet, its easier talking to someone u don't know, I think its hard to tell people u know how u really feel, Karen
Hi all,

I have recently had my third child, I suffered from PND with my second child and it took almost two years for me to fully recover. I was also on Zoloft and found that it made me retain some weight and took away my sexual desire.. I did'nt even want to hear the word sex.

As I have had PND before I am on the lookout for early signs this time round.. so far so good, but I did have a very intense BLUES period, where I was teary daily for about 4 days.

I think the most useful thing for me was excersise.. I started walking, from that took a membership up at the gym and within the year I was running 8km every second day.. the endorphins that I produced from excerise helped me so much that I stopped taking my meds.

Take it one day at a time I say..


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